Genshin Impact: rerun of Kazuha, Yoimiya and Klee coming, but not with version 2.7, for a leaker

Genshin Impact: rerun of Kazuha, Yoimiya and Klee coming, but not with version 2.7, for a leaker

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact cyclically re-proposes past banners. The characters of the miHoYo action JRPG are many so between one rerun and the other many months could pass, so they are always awaited with great impatience and among these there is that of Kazuha who has been talked about for several weeks now. The good news is that she is apparently on the home straight, but not as soon as many are hoping. According to the well-known leaker Uncle Y, in fact the banner reruns of Kazuha, Klee and Yoimiya will be available in the 2.8 version of Genshin Impact.

The 2.6 update of Genshin Impact is available for a few days and as usual it will have a life cycle of six weeks, with version 2.7, the one in which Yelan and Kuki Shinobu will debut, scheduled for around mid-May. Consequently, the 2.8 update should arrive no earlier than the end of June. In short, those who can't wait to get Kazuha, Klee or Yoimiya will inevitably have to be patient a little longer. In the past, Uncle Y's tip-offs have proven to be spot on, so it's a pretty reliable source.

In the meantime miHoYo has announced a bonus of 100 Primogem to apologize for the recent changes to Yae Miko, which will be canceled with an update coming this week.

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Genshin Impact – Best DPS and Support Units | Character Guide

Learn the basics of team building in Genshin Impact and create your dream team!

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A game as big as Genshin Impact means that there are multiple ways to play it. Some players may take a casual approach while others prefer a competitive play style. And then there’s some players in the middle, who want to up their game but don’t know where to start.

By its design, Genshin Impact encourages players to customize and experiment with new team arrangements. With a constant flow of new characters and new abilities, the team-up possibilities grow. However, there are consistent guidelines to follow to optimize your team. And once you learn the rules, you can break them. For those just starting to explore character and team builds, here are the basics.

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Characters are classified as one of two groups: DPS Units and Support Units. Both groups can be broken down again into Main DPS, Sub-DPS, Healers, and Shields. The best Genshin teams have a mix of DPS and Support Units. You’ll find some of the best units for each category below. Remember, these are not hard and fast rules! If you want to DPS Zhongli, you can DPS Zhongli.

DPS Units

DPS, short for Damage Per Second, focuses on dealing damage. Typically, these characters have high attack stats, split between Normal, Charged, and Physical Attacks. Overall, the Main DPS should be the one who deals the most damage in the shortest amount of time.

Sub-DPS relies on Elemental Damage. They can also be seen as another type of Support, since the Elemental Damage is intended to help boost the damage done by your Main DPS. Relying on Elemental Damage requires a character with high Elemental Mastery – the stat that controls how much damage an elemental reaction does.

Best Main DPS Units

5 Star Characters

4 Star Characters

Diluc, Ganyu, Hu Tao

Yanfei, Rosaria, Razor

Best Sub-DPS Units

5 Star Characters

4 Star Characters

Zhongli, Venti, Raiden Shogun

Beidou, Kaeya, Fischl

Support Units

Support Units are split between Healers and Shields. Essentially, these characters compensate for a weakness in your DPS characters. So if your Main DPS has low defense, the Support may compensate by generating a shield or generating HP. As the names suggest, Healers specialize in HP recovery and Shields specialize in generating damage-absorbing shields.

The best Supports should add some kind of stat boost in addition to their main support power. For example, Jean is a fantastic Support (or Sub-DPS) because her Elemental Burst heals the entire team. She can also recover HP through her Normal Attack. And, as an Anemo character, she inflicts the Swirl reaction.

Best Healers

5 Star Characters

4 Star Characters

Sangonomiya Kokomi, Jean, Qiqi

Bennett, Barbara, Diona


Best Shields

5 Star Characters

4 Star Characters

Zhongli, Arataki Itto, Geo Traveller

Noelle, Ningguang, Yun Jin