Genshin Impact: here is the new story trailer Tale of the Five Kasen

Genshin Impact: here is the new story trailer Tale of the Five Kasen

Genshin Impact

Among the most popular videogame experiences of recent years it is impossible not to mention Genshin Impact. The free-to-play title developed by miHoYo has attracted the attention of many since its first announcement, when many players accused the title of being a bit too derivative in its artistic side and in some gameplay choices, very similar to that masterpiece. Nintendo license plate of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Despite these criticisms, since the first day of life Genshin Impact has managed to charm millions of players, quickly becoming a real and its pop phenomenon. Now, the free-to-play title is continuing to evolve thanks to a whole series of updates, and this also affects the history and mythology of the characters and the colorful game world. Specifically, in these hours, a very fascinating new trailer has been released.

There is still a whole series of information we do not know about this new part of the story, and we just have to wait for new communications from miHoYo to find out what the future of Genshin Impact will have to offer us.

Who is Niwa in Genshin Impact? Kazuha Lore Revealed

Genshin Impact in Version 2.6 and its Hues of the Violet Garden revealed new lore regarding Kaedehara Kazuha and his family, most notably pointing out the name Niwa in the flashback at the end of the event.

This story contains spoilers for the final part of Hues of the Violet Garden and Inazuma.

Who is Niwa in Genshin Impact’s Inazuma lore?

Niwa actually isn’t a person, it’s a family name. Niwa was the original family name of Kazuha’s great grandfather, Kaedehara Yoshinori. After his father, an unnamed member of the Niwa family, disappeared, Yoshinori was adopted into the Kaedehara family.

There are hundreds of Genshin Impact characters brought up in the game’s in-universe books, quests, dialogues, and everything fans put under the umbrella word “lore”. Some of these characters are incredibly developed and detailed especially in the in-game books, or in descriptions of certain Weapons and Artifacts. Alongside Kazuha’s great grandfather, there is actually another character who appeared in the Genshin Impact lore so far with the name Niwa: Niwa Nagamitsu.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim | Start Trailer



13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim | Start Trailer





What we Know About Niwa Nagamitsu so far

Niwa Nagamitsu was a blacksmith of the Isshin branch of the Raiden Gokaden. In case you’ve forgotten, the Raiden Gokaden were five different schools of swordsmithing that existed in Inazuma till around a hundred years before the game’s current events. Three of the schools are now lost arts: the Futsu School Art, the Hyakume School Art, and the Senju School Art. As explained in the 2.6 Event, it was no mere coincidence they disappeared and Kunikuzushi plotted to make them disappear. His powers as a prototype puppet of the Raiden Shogun were still sealed back then, but he was still an incredible fighter with inhuman abilities.

Meanwhile, the Kaedehara family was part of the Isshin Art, but lost it with Kazuha’s grandfather, as explained in-game. There are other families who practice the Isshin School art so it’s not completely lost. Lastly, the sole Raiden Gokaden that still properly exists to this day is the Amenoma School Art.

Moreover, the in-game description of the 5-star Sword weapon Haran Geppaku Futsu includes some details on Niwa Nagamitsu. It reveals that Niwa Nagamitsu learned the Isshin School of blacksmithing from Futsu Masayoshi, and they were one of their three disciples with Akame Mitsunaga and Kaedehara Kagemitsu.

Each of these three disciples ended up becoming masters of the Isshin School art. We’ll definitely learn more about the Niwa clan once more about Scaramouche’s story is revealed, most notably regarding the people he met before joining the Fatui, such as Mikoshi Nagamasa. We could learn more through new weapon descriptions too, especially if a sword forged by Niwa Nagamitsu is added to the game.

That’s all we know about the Niwa clan in Genshin Impact so far. What are your thoughts on the reveals of the 2.6 Event? Let me know in the comments!