Fortnite: with the new update you fight in the world of Spider-Man

Fortnite: with the new update you fight in the world of Spider-Man


This morning the Fortnite fans found themselves in front of the maintenance of the servers, which led them to have to wait before returning to haunt the game spaces of the Epic Games title. Now that everything is back online, battle royale fans have found themselves with a whole host of new things to discover. Among these, a beloved setting taken directly from the Spider-Man universe has appeared in the game map.

As stated by Epic Games in a new official press release, the update of Fortnite which brings the game to version 20.10 allows fans to play the playlists without constructions of Zero Constructions and the playlists of Real Battle. The constructions, in fact, are returning to populate the battle royale island after in recent weeks the players have tasted a Fortnite without the possibility of building.

In addition to this environmental novelty, the new Fortnite update brings the Heavy Sniper Rifle back into the game and adds the Donation Boards, which compare two assault rifles, in all the main POIs. Finally, to all this we also add the usual balance changes and corrections on the most well-known bugs. You can find all the detailed information at this address.

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Fortnite 20.10 Patch Notes Are A Call To Arms For The Battle Of The Daily Bugle

Fortnite's 20.10 patch notes have been unveiled, and this new update brings the first major battle of the season between Imagined Order forces and the player-led Resistance. A fan-favorite weapon is coming out of the vault just in time for the fight, as has a new funding effort where players can choose the next gun to be unvaulted.

The Daily Bugle--the iconic newspaper building from Spider-Man that has occupied the top-right corner of the map since Chapter 3 began in December--will serve as the battlefield for the first IO vs Resistance skirmish of Chapter 3 Season 2. Players who wish to jump in and help the Resistance repel the Imagined Order can score major loot for use in the rest of the match. However, the Huntmaster Saber boss character is on the prowl, so watch your backs while you fight for the Bugle.

The Daily Bugle serves as the first battleground of the season for IO and Resistance forces.The Daily Bugle serves as the first battleground of the season for IO and Resistance forces.

To aid in your Daily Bugle defense, the Heavy Sniper Rifle is returning from the vault with the Fortnite 20.10 patch. It returns to the island in chests, rare chests, and supply drops, bringing it a new ability to deal increased damage to vehicles. This will make the Heavy Sniper Rifle a great option for any opponents who find themselves driving one of the island's many Titan tanks.

Finally, a new funding campaign has begun where players can choose between two different assault rifles for unvaulting: Chapter 2 Season 8's Combat Rifle or last season's MK-Seven Assault Rifle. Players can spend bars at funding stations to make their choice known. The full list of the Fortnite 20.10 patch notes is below.

The Fortnite 20.10 patch is the first since Epic Games officially unveiled the new Zero Build mode, which removes the building mechanic from the game and focuses on shooting and traversal. Epic also revealed the results of its fundraising campaign for Ukraine, announcing it and Xbox had raised over $144 million that will be donated to multiple charities to aid in relief efforts.

Balance Patch Recap

A balance update last week made meaningful adjustments to the following items:

  • Combat and Stinger SMG damage to players and structures reduced

  • Combat SMG headshot damage reduced to match the Stinger

  • MK-Seven and Combat Assault Rifle damage to players and structures reduced

  • Titan tanks and Cow Catchers have been removed from competitive playlists

  • Fixed Known Issues
  • Wins are now correctly tracked in the Career Leaderboard tab.

  • Fixed an issue with Resistance Quests where players could not progress into Week 2.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause vehicles to stutter and jerk when driving on flat terrain.

  • The Fishing Collection Book no longer resets between matches and correctly saves progress.

  • Fixed an issue where last season's quests displayed as tracked on the HUD if no other quests were tracked.

  • Players are now able to use the Ziplines between wind turbines on Windbreakers Island.

  • In order to maintain optimal performance, certain legacy or unsupported drivers will now default to Performance Mode when launching Fortnite.

  • Competitive Notes
  • The Heavy Sniper Rifle is not included in competitive playlists.

  • The winner of the MK-Seven Assault Rifle vs Combat Assault Rifle vote will not immediately be unvaulted in competitive playlists when they’ve reached 100% Funded.

  • The Daily Bugle is not under assault in competitive playlists, but Huntmaster Saber has still relocated.