Elden Ring without limits, beat a boss with the platform of a Rhythm Game

Elden Ring without limits, beat a boss with the platform of a Rhythm Game

Elden Ring without limits

Over and over again we found ourselves talking about the very recent Elden Ring. FromSoftware's work has been received with great enthusiasm by both fans and critics alike, and from the day of its launch to today, the game has not stopped talking about the game. We knew that the interregnum would conceal great discoveries and very complex challenges to face, but there are those who wanted to further raise the bar set by FromSoftware by finishing the game or beating the bosses in absurd ways.

We have already seen how someone managed to defeat bosses in quite particular ways, such as using real bananas as controllers. Now, however, there are those who have had yet another crazy idea and have decided to face one of the Elden Ring bosses by playing with a platform of Dance Dance Revolution, the well-known Konami Rhythm Game that can also be found in many rooms games.

Humanity was never meant to use hands to fight. #ELDENRING #ELDEN_RING #gaming pic.twitter.com/VW4LvQsPHk

- LIVE | PeekingBoo (@PeekingBoo) March 31, 2022

We are sure that this is just one of the many personalized challenges that will be created by the various enthusiasts between now and the next few years. Already with the previous FromSoftware titles many players have experimented a lot, and the freedom given by Elden Ring could accentuate the rise of these challenges on the net.

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This Elden Ring Boss Is Practically Impossible

The first actual boss 'Elden Ring' players will face on their journey is Godrick the Grafted. The ruler of Stormveil Castle, Godrick is equipped with a giant axe that can deal out a copious amount of damage. He also sports many different arms as 'a symbol of power to all those who might try to depose him.' Turns out, it's more than just a symbol of power. It is power. And the difficulty players are having with defeating him is a testament to that.

According to Steam's achievement list, only 55% of all 'Elden Ring' players on PC have been able to defeat Godrick and progress past the Stormveil section of the game. Meanwhile, PlayStation players have fared better, with 64% of all players on the platform defeating Godrick. Despite PlayStation players slightly outperforming PC players when it comes to defeating the game's first fully-fledged boss, the fact that barely half of all players currently playing 'Elden Ring' have progressed past such an early confrontation is the ultimate proof of how hard this game really is and how dedicated you have to be in order to experience even a good chunk of its content without chucking your controller and calling it a day.