Elden Ring, new record: completed in less than 9 minutes by a speedrunner, video

Elden Ring, new record: completed in less than 9 minutes by a speedrunner, video

Elden Ring, new record

Elden Ring continues to be the subject of record-breaking challenges from various speedrunners, with the new low recently set by streamer Distortion2 incredibly completing it in under 9 minutes, representing a truly impressive milestone.

This is the first time the 10-minute wall has been knocked down, considering the previous record was still here 12 minutes to complete the game, but Distortion2 has raised the bar even further to a truly difficult level for others to achieve. , at least for the moment.

Obviously, such a time cannot be reached without resorting to glitches and in fact also in this case a new exploit has been exploited that allows the player to teleport from one side to the other of the map. All this falls within the general rules established for speedruns, since the others also exploit systems of this kind, as long as they are part of the game code and do not require the modification of parameters or the use of mods.

Il Distortion2's precise completion time is 8 minutes and 56 seconds, thus dropping just over a minute below the 10-minute barrier, a time that the speedrunners G1nnz and Mitchriz had also reached previously.

There is still room for improvement, considering that one obstacle is currently the need to defeat Malekith among the bosses: if a system could be found to overcome this without having to face the fight, then the doors would open to even lower completion times. br>
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Elden Ring speedrun record drops below nine minutes

The development of Elden Ring’s Any% speedrun has been a fascinating watch. As the finest game-breaking minds FromSoftware’s community has to offer have gradually whittled down the number of Elden Ring bosses you actually have to kill in order to beat the game, we have now arrived at a point where the Elden Ring speedrun record is not only under nine minutes, but it has been set without killing a single enemy.

Once again, speed demon ‘Distortion2’ has returned with a record-setting Elden Ring speedrun, blazing his way through the game in just eight minutes and fifty-six seconds – a world-first sub-nine minute attempt.

But what’s new in the current run that has allowed Distortion2 to cleave through Elden Ring like a hot knife through butter? Well, over the past several weeks a new mechanic for the run called ‘zipping’ was found, and subsequently exploited in every possible way. As described by ‘Sketchy’, a commenter on Distortion2’s video, “a zip is performed by guarding and then walking at a specific time afterward for a specific number of frames.” When performed correctly, your Tarnished will be catapulted in the direction they’re facing.

You can check out Distortion2’s record-breaking run below. As you’ll see, the run in its current state is wild to say the least. If you want to know more about what’s actually happening, then definitely click through and read Sketchy’s comment – which is pinned at the time of writing – in full.

With further optimisations to the current Elden Ring speedrun route still being made, it wouldn’t surprise us to see the record dip below eight minutes over the coming days.