Elden Ring: Dr. Disrespect has an idea for a competitive tournament

Elden Ring: Dr. Disrespect has an idea for a competitive tournament

Elden Ring

Elden Ring never ceases to surprise and make people talk about itself. It was foreseeable that FromSoftware's new work would be able to enter the hearts of fans so quickly and with this power, and even today the community continues to make very interesting discoveries within the interregnum. The latest news this time comes from the well-known content creator Dr. Disrespect, who has proposed a very interesting activity to do within FromSoftware's open world.

All the chatter that has been created around Elden Ring has also led several communities to appear at the title of the moment. Among these are the speedrunners, who have already started a challenge to finish the game in the shortest possible time. Now, well-known streamer Dr. Disrespect, after careful consideration, has proposed to organize a tournament for speedrunnners.

Finally, the doctor admitted that the idea might not be perfect, but with the right filings you could really set up such a tournament for the Elden Ring speedrunners.

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Elden Ring player shares a tip to help you clear big jumps more easily

One Elden Ring player has found a way to pull off better long jumps and the technique is as simple as just holding down a button. 

Spotted in the Elden Ring subreddit, one player shared an insightful tip with others. According to the post, all players need to do is 'try holding down your sprint button throughout the entire jump animation, even after your feet have left the ground.' This will increase your jump distance and help your Tarnished to reach the other side. From our testing, holding the desired direction on your analog stick mid-air also makes a small but important difference. 

something_i_wish_i_learned_sooner from r/Eldenring

Thankfully for those who have been struggling with those pesky long jumps in Elden Ring, other players have also begun sharing their own tips in the comments of the post. So if the original approach doesn’t work for you, another player points out that: 'Another piece of jump+sprint tech is that you can initiate a sprinting jump from almost standstill.' When trapped on tiny platforms, we've also had success sprinting into walls to build momentum.

They then go on to explain: 'If you jump while standing still and begin holding b in the air you'll be primed to sprint when landing. Without the jump it would make you backstep, or you'd need to move a little before sprinting.'

In the same thread, someone else pointed out that you should 'make sure to wait a little before initiating the second jump. If you jump two times in a row too quickly the second jump will not count as a sprint jump.' A little patience goes a long way in platformers, and the same is true of Elden Ring's precarious parkour, too. 

These are just some of the many many Elden Ring tips we’ve seen since the game was released towards the end of February. Some of our other favorites include the Elden Ring player who discovered that Rainbow Stones can help to calculate fall damage, as well as another who found that spell damage changes with the weather. More recently, one player shared an ingenious way to reveal hidden walls with an unlikely item.  

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