Elden Ring: Discover a quest in which to collect the dreams of the enemies among the cut contents

Elden Ring: Discover a quest in which to collect the dreams of the enemies among the cut contents

Elden Ring

Lance McDonald, a well-known dataminer in the soulslike scene, posted a video showing an Elden Ring quest that was not included in the full game content and that required the Lightless to collect the dreams of enemies and NPCs scattered throughout the Interregnum. .

The mechanic in question is called "Dream Mist" and would have allowed the player to extrapolate a copy of the dreams of an enemy or an NPC, asleep thanks to the use of a special liquid. It is unclear why this content was cut, as apparently several NPCs have dialogue referencing the quest.

Lance McDonald further explains that the quest was linked to an absent NPC as well. in the game, which would explain to Senzaluce how to extrapolate dreams and thus discover "the deepest and darkest secrets". The character would give the player a key item called "St. Trina's Crystal Ball", needed to collect the "Dream Mist" from enemies and more.

In the video we see McDonald offering the soporific drink to the merchant Kalé. Once asleep a line of dialogue would alert the player that the NPC's sleep "is disturbed by the nightmare of his eyes being burned by the Frenzied Flame". McDonald therefore assumes that the mechanics of the Dream Mist would have made it possible to discover further secrets of the characters and lore of Elden Ring.

Staying on the subject, thanks to a mod for the PC version of Elden Ring it is possible to use the classes of the closed beta.

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New Elden Ring speed run puts even veterans to shame, forcing the Tarnished to go beyond “git gud”

New Delhi, April 11 (UNI) Elden Ring is the hottest gaming topic as of now dominating all spheres of game related news whether it be modding, exploring, cheesing your way through areas and bosses, PVP duels, gear, and of course speed runs. The speed runs are getting only faster and faster putting even the veterans to shame. The latest speed run of this insanely huge game was done in little more than 10 minutes. This new record was achieved by Distortion 2, who has previously achieved and broken many other Elden Ring speed running records. This included the game's first sub-20 run in March. The run is also an incredibly weird one to boot, as it involves a technique known as the zip glitch. The zip glitch as mentioned before is a weird or rather crazy one, and it's not currently known why it happens, but essentially it works like this: it's a frame perfect glitch where if you move in a precise way while blocking, the idle animation is broken, shooting you across the map. If you watch the run you might notice that the character falls from high up, but no fall damage is received, likely because the game thinks the model has not moved upwards. This allows runners to zip across the map, skipping large sections of the game. In fact, the run currently only has one compulsory fight, a late game boss fight, though there are theories brewing on how it might be skipped. The zip is also utilised to make the final boss spawn beneath the world map, meaning it dies, so if you're looking for a run that involves high level boss-fight play, this isn't the one. This is because the glitch is a frame perfect trick, a metronome sound has also been used to help time it, though it's being used less as it's been found to not be particularly effective. Still, it is quite a lot of fun and there's still clearly a lot of scope for improvements to be made in places too, but they'll likely come as the tricks are perfected. With new runs coming in, it seems the famous Souls saying of “git gud” is just not going to cut it anymore. What's more, the path to assuming the mantle of the Elden Lord is rife with even greater difficulties than before with the new updates coming. So to all the Tarnished (players) out there why just git gud, git great then you'd be in no trouble whatsoever. UNI ANV RN