Did Marvel make Jesus a mutant?

Did Marvel make Jesus a mutant?

Is Jesus a mutant? What seems like a blasphemous question arises from some revelations contained in the X-Men comics, not least an exchange contained in Immortal X-Men # 1 by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck and David Curiel. Within the Marvel Universe, the figure of Jesus Christ is nothing new, considering that he has previously appeared in some stories and is mentioned by several characters, but what is now shown in Immortal X-Men # 1 seems to reiterate that Jesus is a mutant .

In Immortal X-Men # 1, did Marvel make Jesus a mutant?

A first hint of this theory goes back to House of M, the maxi event of Brain Michael Benids and Esad Ribic, where an alternate world in which mutants are the dominant species rewrites the foundations of history. In this reality, Kitty Pryde is a teacher and during one of her lessons she asks her students who the first mutants are, specifying that Moses and Jesus do not count as they are not officially recognized as such. Net of this passage, to date no steps have ever been taken in the Marvel Universe for the canonization of these theories.

It should be remembered that mutants have a messiah, Hope Summers, the first mutant born after M -day, an event with which Scarlet Witch had almost decimated the mutant population. Provided that an adult Hope remedied, they restore mutant life and start an era that has now culminated in the new order of Krakoa, sanctioned with the run of Jonathan Hickman. This messianic role of Hope Summers is again enhanced in Immortal X-Men # 1, where Exodus, mutant with a particular longevity that allowed him to participate in the Crusade, does not hesitate to compare Hope to another famous mutant: Jesus Christ.

"The Nazarene Mutant inspired a religion among humans by raising a couple from the dead"

"The Nazarene Mutant inspired a religion among humans, resurrecting two guys from the dead"

The reference is clear, so much so that it now seems official that in the Marvel Universe Jesus is a mutant

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