Bulletproof gaming headphones? It depends on where they shoot you

Bulletproof gaming headphones? It depends on where they shoot you

Can gaming headsets save a gamer's life? Probably not always, but the Reddit user who "hides" behind the nickname Enough_Dance_956 can say that yes, his headphones from the Kraken line produced by Razer have preserved his life. The story, spread online by The Gamer, is downright absurd and unbelievable, but it is worth telling.

The facts went like this: the player was wearing his headet and at the A shooting took place outside his home in Torrance, California. The events took place around 10:30 (local time) last Wednesday. Unfortunately, a bullet entered the window and hit the headset. As proof of this, the redditor has decided to publish the photo of the damage left by the bullet and beyond.

Razer saved my life… .. from razer

In the photos published later, in fact, the boy decided to show further evidence to support the episode. The first is the actual bullet, which would have been found in the house. The second is the hole that the bullet left after passing through the window. Despite this, the story still appears decidedly smoky, and we obviously invite you to take everything with a grain of salt, since there is no way to prove the veracity of what happened. The bullet and headset were then handed over to the police, as they are obviously believed to be evidence of what happened.

here's more proof since people think it lying from razer

The story also caught Razer's attention, with CEO Min Liang-Tan commenting on the story directly on Reddit. “Wow! How absurd. I'm just glad you're okay, ”Liang-Tan said. The company later decided to ship another gaming headset to the boy. "We made it. Razer contacted me! Thank you for all the affection you have sent me. Be safe and respect your parents. You will never know when your time will come. ”

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