Apple's Shortcuts arrive in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Apple's Shortcuts arrive in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Apple's Shortcuts arrive in Pages

Apple recently updated its suite of office applications, called iWork and including Pages, Numbers and Keynote, with support for some automation options through Shortcuts. Specifically, here are the commands you can use:


“Open document” “Create Numbers document

“ Open spreadsheet ”“ Create spreadsheet ”“ Add row at the top or bottom of the table ”Keynote

“ Open Presentation ”“ Create Presentation ”“ Open Presentation in Rehearsal Mode ”“ Open Presentation in Show Mode ”The iWork apps for Mac just got support for Shortcuts. Most notably the Numbers app got an action to append a row to a table

- Simon B. Støvring (@simonbs) April 7, 2022

As reported by 9to5Mac colleagues, Vivek Bhardwaj, during the Relay FM Mac Power User podcast, last June he said:

We have been working on this for some time. When we first launched Shortcuts, bringing it to iPhone and iPad was great, it was a fantastic opportunity for all of us to get valuable feedback. These are devices that you take with you everywhere and automation on these platforms didn't really exist before Shortcuts. So it was a great opportunity to test it, get it out there and work closely with the developer ecosystem, get them excited about all the different Shortcuts they can go to build. And then really take it home to the Mac.

Photo Credit: Apple
These new actions are incredibly important for Shortcuts for Mac and the automation ecosystem on Apple's desktop computing platform - these actions were sadly missing from the launch of macOS Monterey and are representative of how Apple thinks of first-party actions for Shortcuts. Without them, one of the core tools Apple offered simply didn't integrate with its new automation platform - now, Apple users (and third-party developers) have an excellent set of actions to use as an example of how to integrate with. Shortcuts.