AMD Adreanalin change CPU settings without permission?

AMD Adreanalin change CPU settings without permission?

The German newspaper Igor's Lab examined possible anomalies in the AMD Adrenalin GPU software. It appears that the integration of the AMD Ryzen Master module into Adrenalin version 22.3.1 and later inadvertently allowed the program to change the CPU's PBO and Precision Boost settings without users' permission.

Second feedback from a user, the problem only occurs when the system is equipped with an AMD CPU and GPU, as the hardware supports the Ryzen Master SDK. Apparently, the AMD Adrenalin software automatically activates the PBO or "CPU OC" setting when applying GPU profiles, including the default profile, which is applied automatically.

Igor's Lab has found that AMD Adrenalin software is capable of tweaking the power limits and maximum boost frequency of Ryzen CPUs via the PBO settings. It is unknown whether stability problems only occur when users manually change CPU settings, or if they also occur under predefined conditions.

However, there are various ways to restore the CPU to its original configuration. One method involves re-entering the CPU settings in the BIOS, or disabling the PBO option if using the default configuration. Alternatively, you can use the Radeon Software Slimmer, which can remove the Ryzen Master SDK from the Adrenaline software and thus prevent the module from changing the CPU settings. Radeon Software Slimmer is a third-party program, so you will use it at your own risk.

However, the simplest solution was provided by a Reddit user, according to which to create a new GPU profile with Adrenalin allows you to prevent the module from changing the PBO settings on the motherboard BIOS.