Abandoned: Blue Box asks players if they want to see gameplay, you know the answer

Abandoned: Blue Box asks players if they want to see gameplay, you know the answer


Blue Box Game Studios, authors of Abandoned, have asked their audience via Twitter if they are interested in seeing some gameplay of the Prologue version of the game. The answer, at the time of this writing, is 64% "Yes", as expected.

As you can see in the tweet above, Blue Box Game Studios wrote: "Do you want us to show a development film of Abandoned Prologue?". The answers were "Yes" and "No, just work on the reveal". At the moment, the winner is yes. We recall that the presentation of Abandoned has been postponed over and over again and many have lost patience and above all have lost interest in this game, around which many conspiracy theories have been born, according to which it was secretly a Kojima project . Not so, as the developer has confirmed several times.

In a second tweet, Blue Box Game Studios states that "Your ratings have helped us a lot! Just to be clear, we will show some gameplay but with some limitations. We'll explain which ones later. Just don't expect a full presentation! It's still in full development and not ready, which is why the Prologue has been postponed. Remember that. "

In other words, the team should have decided to show something of Abandoned, or rather its Prologue version. It is not clear what and, for sure, it will be a far from definitive version, but at least the game would finally have a face. To date, we have practically seen nothing of the horror adventure.

Recently, the developer also claimed to have contacted Konami, publisher of Silent Hill.

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Tiny dogs abandoned outside supermarket looking for new homes after owner jailed

A man from Lancashire has been sentenced to four weeks in custody after he lost his appeal for animal cruelty, and abandoned his two unwell Chihuahuas, Mylo and Lilly, outside a supermarket

Poor Mylo was tied up and deserted outside a shop before the RSPCA saved him (

Image: RSPCA)

Two tiny dogs who were abandoned outside a supermarket are looking for new loving homes.

It comes after their previous owner was found guilty of animal cruelty and banned from keeping canines indefinitely.

Chihuahuas Mylo and Lilly were tied up and left with skin infections and serious dental issues, before the RSPCA rescued them.

Inspector Amy McIntosh, who collected the two dogs, said: 'I'm really pleased with the outcome of this case. These dogs have been in our care for such a long time now.

'They are lovely friendly little dogs and I'm so pleased they will now be able to find the new homes they deserve.'

Mylo has been nursed back to health (



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When Inspector McIntosh picked up the two dogs, she immediately noticed that Mylo, a male tan chihuahua, had a skin condition - as his skin was thickened, scabby and bleeding.

He also had obvious fur loss and pinkness around his eyes and nose, and he was biting and scratching his body.

Lilly, a black and white female chihuahua, had very smelly breath due to dental issues but otherwise looked in normal body condition.

Both dogs were taken to a vet who examined them and prescribed them with the necessary treatments and procedures.

Lilly is ready to be loved (



Microchips enabled Inspector McIntosh to find their owner, a man named Stephen Hopkinson, from Fleetwood in Lancashire.

In November 2021, Hopkinson was sentenced to four weeks in custody after he was found guilty of three animal welfare offences and sentenced at Lancaster Magistrates' Court.

On March 25, his indefinite ban from keeping dogs was reduced to five years on appeal and he was ordered to pay £500 costs.

He was ordered to pay a £96 victim surcharge and a deprivation order was passed for both dogs which will allow the RSPCA to find them a new home.

Mylo had red and itchy skin (


RSPCA)Lilly had dental problems (



The court heard how, when questioned the following day, Hopkinson told Inspector McIntosh he had returned to the supermarket to get the dogs that morning.

This meant that had the dogs not been rescued by the passer-by, they would have potentially been tied up outside for nearly 24 hours.

Thankfully, both dogs are now healthy and happy and are ready to be rehomed.

If you would like to rehome Mylo or Lilly, please get in touch with the RSPCA.

Do you have a dog story to tell? Contact nia.dalton@reachplc.com.

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