YouTuber makes Apple Mac Mini even more "mini"

YouTuber makes Apple Mac Mini even more mini

The Mac Mini from Apple is already a very small desktop computer but, apparently, it is possible to reduce it further by as much as 78%. The transition from the x86 architecture of the Intel processors to the ARM architecture of the new Apple Silicon chips, and more specifically of the SoC M1, has made it possible to integrate several components, previously scattered on the motherboard, in a single chip. As a result, the Mac Mini with M1, featuring the same chassis as the previous Intel CPU model, leaves room for further optimization.

Snazzy Labs YouTuber Quinn Nelson recently published a interesting video in which he showed how to make a really mini Mac, extracting the motherboard from a Mac Mini with M1 and installing it inside a new 3D printed case. In case you want to replicate the project, you can download the CAD files for free from this address. At the moment, Apple has not yet presented a new model of Mac Mini, but it is clear that a possible redesign could make the product much more compact than the current one.

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The line up of Apple products could also be enriched with a new 20 ″ foldable Macbook, designed to be used in many ways, such as a normal notebook or a simple monitor. The Cupertino company should have been working on this idea for a couple of years now, but we do not know if and when the final product could reach the market.