Renault Austral, the new hybrid SUV replaces Kadjar

Renault Austral, the new hybrid SUV replaces Kadjar

Renault Austral

Renault unveiled the new Austral, an electrified SUV that will replace the Renault Kadjar, sporting a sophisticated new look, high-quality interior and hybrid engines. Today, the competition on the crossover market is very fierce, and with the new Austral Renault aims to regain a slice of this market, offering high-quality interiors with many options available to customers, in addition to the electrified engines that today are very popular with those who goes in search of a new car.

The new Renault Austral is the first car of the French company to use the third generation CMF-CD platform, specially designed for electrified engines: the platform, developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi and Nissan, will be able to host one of the two hybrid engines included in the Renault catalog, consisting of a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor, for a total power of 157 or 196 horsepower depending on the version chosen.

Renault says that thanks to the new platform the Austral will be "a joy to drive", thanks to its rigidity and suspension optimized to give the car the best possible road holding.

Renault will begin collecting orders for the new Austral in mid-2022, with the first deliveries expected in the autumn: in Italy the starting price should be of € 28,500.

2022 Renault Austral SUV revealed

A head-turning little SUV has broken cover and it has Toyota firmly in its sights with hybrid tech that’ll save you money.

There’s a new eco-friendly SUV on the block.

Renault has revealed its new Austral compact SUV, which will be available with three different hybrid setups.

The Austral will be sold as a “self-charging” hybrid. Toyota uses the same technology in its wildly popular RAV4 and Camry hybrids.

Renault is going against the tide with this type of hybrid as most European brands have shunned this tech in favour of pricier plug-in hybrid setups that allow owners to drive short trips on electric-only power.

The self-charging hybrid model uses a small 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine and an electric motor coupled with a little 1.7kWh battery.

Renault claims this combo is good for 146kW and will drink just 4.6L/100km of fuel.

The French brand is also launching two mild hybrid versions of the Austral.

An “Advanced Mild Hybrid” variant uses the same 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine as the full hybrid and matches it with a 48-volt battery that powers the starter motor.

This combo makes 97kW and Renault claims fuel use of 5.3L/100km.

Next up is the regular Mild Hybrid variant that uses a bigger 1.3-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine and a little 12-volt battery. This combo is available in two tunes making 119kW/270Nm and 104kW respectively. Fuel use is rated at 6.2L/100km.

All models feature regenerative braking, which feeds energy back into the electric motor when coming to a stop.

An Eco mode will tell drivers the best time to release the accelerator pedal as they approach certain road objects such as a roundabout, give way sign or sharp turn. This is designed to help improve fuel economy.

The little SUV brings bold styling with plenty of body creases and sharp angular edges. Chunky alloy wheels ranging from 17- to 20-inches and dynamically shaped LED head and tail lights add to the car’s kerb appeal.

Inside there are plenty of flash tech features including a 12.3-inch digital instrument display and a 12-inch tablet-style central screen. Renault has also included a head-up display.

The Austral is packed with safety equipment – all the necessary active driver aids are standard.

Renault’s infotainment tech integrates Google apps and maps as well as Google’s voice assistant. There is no mention of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto being available.

Renault has used a range of materials for the interior including wood, leather, soft touch fabrics and Alcantara, a faux suede material. This is rounded out with plenty of gloss black and chrome highlights.