Release date and trailer for Otherwise We Get Mad

Release date and trailer for Otherwise We Get Mad

Lucky Red released the trailer for Else We Get Mad. This is a cult reboot with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill from 1974. Once again at the center of the film there will be a legendary Dune Buggy.

Altrimenti we're Angry trailer

Release date and trailer for Altrimenti we're Angry

Altrimenti we're Angry will be released in Italian cinemas on 23 March as confirmed by the official poster. Edoardo Pesce and Alessandro Roia will play the role of the two protagonists Carezza and Sorriso while the main antagonist of the film, Torsillo, will be played by Christian De Sica.

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Else We Get Mad trailer Here is the Else We Go Mad trailer

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Grown up as brothers but separated for years due to a quarrel, Carezza (Edoardo Pesce) and Sorriso (Alessandro Roia) have to put aside ancient grudges and character differences for what they have most at heart: the legendary car “Dune Buggy” stolen from him by the greedy Torsillo (Christian De Sica), an unscrupulous building speculator. Aided by the intriguing and dangerous Miriam (Alessandra Mastronardi), between daring chases, memorable fights and delicate meals based on beer and sausages, the two will do everything to win back their beloved car.

"Altrimenti we're angry" is produced by Francesco and Federico Scardamaglia for Compagnia Leone Cinematografica and by Mattia Guerra, Stefano Massenzi, Andrea Occhipinti for Lucky Red, The story is by Paolo Fondato, Francesco Cenni, Manuel Fondato, the screenplay by Vincenzo Alfieri, Giancarlo Fontana, Tommaso Renzoni, Giuseppe G. Stasi in collaboration with Andrea Sperandio. Directed by YouNuts! Production.

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