Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Demon Veil release date announced quietly

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Demon Veil release date announced quietly

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Ubisoft has announced the release date of Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Demon Veil on PC and console, although at the moment there is still some uncertainty about it, due to a somewhat "shy" communication from of the French company on the matter.

Rather than making the usual announcement with great fanfare on all social media, Ubisoft preferred to reveal the start date of Operation Demon Veil of Rainbow Six Siege with an article on its official website , setting it for tomorrow, March 8, 2022, but without a specific time. A low-profile communication choice, perhaps due to the delicate international situation, but this is just our guess.

However, according to reports from the Xbox Store, Season 1 of Year 7 will take place from 11:00 from March 9 to June 6, as we can see in the tweet below, which however is a data that leaves the time it finds not knowing the time zone used.

Finally Dualshockers indicates 18:00 Italian on 8 March, but without some official source to confirm this information. In short, we are waiting for official communications from Ubisoft on the exact time, but in any case, barring unforeseen events, the new Rainbow Six Siege season should start tomorrow.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 1 of Year 7, Operation Demon Veil, will introduce the new operator Azami, capable of generating instant concrete barriers, as well as a new map, Team Deathmatch mode, improvements to quality of life and various balances. For more details, please refer to our Demon Veil preview.

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Rainbow Six Siege Demon Veil release time – Y7S1 starts this week

Last month Ubisoft revealed the next chapter of Rainbow Six Siege and confirmed that the FPS game‘s Year 7 Season 1 will be Demon Veil. Now, Ubisoft has quietly confirmed the Rainbow Six Siege Demon Veil release time and date, and it’s coming this week – March 8, in fact.

The new season will introduce the multiplayer game‘s latest operator Azami, who can throw kunai blades and even repair holes and breaches. Ubisoft already revealed Siege’s Year 7 roadmap, but failed to specify the exact release date for Demon Veil. Now, it seems the cat’s out of the bag, as the developer quietly announced its launch two weeks ago.

Anyone who picked up the Year 7 Premium Pass would have noticed that the special “exotic weapon skin for the MPX” unlocked this coming Tuesday, March 8. Buried in a recent press release, Ubisoft quietly confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege’s Demon Veil season is indeed “launching March 8” – and the page for the new season on Xbox consoles even provides a release time, although a slightly different date.

The release time for Rainbow Six Siege’s Demon Veil season is March 9 at 11am, according to the leak on Xbox. However, there is some confusion about what region this was taken from, especially as Siege seasons usually launch on Tuesday – making March 8 more likely. It is possible this March 9 date is specifically for the Xbox release, with the PC version arriving on Tuesday instead. We will update this post when we know more.

So somebody's lying lol pic.twitter.com/9ef7xynGhi

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As for the install size, Demon Veil on the test server was 4.14GB on Ubisoft Connect and 3.61GB on Steam, so expect the final release to be a little higher and probably comparable to High Calibre.

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