PS5 vs Xbox: the console war flows into the operating room, it's controversy!

PS5 vs Xbox: the console war flows into the operating room, it's controversy!

PS5 vs Xbox

We thought it was extinct and instead there are still some "Japanese" who have not understood, probably, that the console war now belongs to the past. This is the case of this surgeon, who wanted to defend PS5 on Xbox consoles at all costs, but not by doing it from his office or in a moment of break, no: directly in the workplace, while operating a patient.

The facts are complex and we try to explain them to you in the best possible way. The doctor in question was in the middle of an actual operation and while preparing the patient, with anesthesia and intubation, the professional began a sort of rant towards the Xbox consoles, defending PS5 instead. The problem, of course, are the ways and tones in which this was done, as well as the place.

Once he understood the mistake, the doctor decided to remove the video and change his biography on Twitter, eliminating any reference to his profession. However, this was not enough to not infuriate users, who have begun to review bombing on the hospital for the unethical behavior of the professional. I know, the further we go the more it seems a dystopia, but unfortunately it is reality: even while a person's life is at stake, someone is unable to put aside behaviors that we thought had died out and that remained only for use. and consuming a rather old internet culture. How sad, don't you think?

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GTA 5 Enhanced Edition Biased Pricing Makes Xbox Fans Unhappy

The exclusivity war between Xbox and PlayStation is at its peak during the new generation of consoles, and it seems it’s just going to get worth with the recent pricing of GTA 5 Enhanced Edition on PS5 versus Xbox Series X.

Since the beginning of the 9th-generation of consoles, both Sony and Microsoft are looking forward to expanding their gaming branch by making big exclusivity deals with well-known developers and publishers.

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  • While Microsoft is trying to purchase different big publishers and IP owners, Sony is making exclusivity deals on a game-by-game basis to increase its hardware sale.

    In between, the gamers that can’t afford to buy both platforms are losing significant content.

    The most recent clash between Sony and Microsoft is now showing itself in the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 Enhanced Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, where the PlayStation owners get more discounts than Xbox players.

    Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – Announcement Trailer | PS5



    Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – Announcement Trailer | PS5





    While Rockstar has not confirmed the official pricing for Grand Theft Auto 5 Enhanced Edition yet, the pre-orders for the game are now live, and the full bundle of GTA for next-gen consoles costs $39.99 on both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

    That being said, Rockstar offers a limited-time discount on both platforms, and while PS5 players can get the full bundle for $9.99 at the moment, Xbox Series X|S owners need to pay $19.99, which means PlayStation players get more discount.

    Such biased pricing for GTA 5 Enhanced Edition has already made Xbox players unhappy with Rockstar’s approach. However, Xbox fans seem to be worried more about GTA 6 than GTA 5. If Sony makes any exclusivity deal with Rockstar Games towards their next Grand Theft Auto title, it would definitely hurt Xbox fans badly.

    Rockstar Games has already ditched PC for the next-gen update of GTA 5 as the developer has never been kind toward the PC players, but now showing less interest in Xbox could be a little bit worrying for those who don’t own a PS5.

    That being said, the relationship between Xbox and Rockstar has always been good, regarding the fact that we have already seen GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and GTA San Andreas Remastered on Xbox Game Pass multiple times.

    It’s worth noting that GTA Online is available for free for up to three months for PS5 owners who have a PS Plus subscription, while there is no such deal for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox Series X|S.

    Source: VGC