Porsche Panamera donated to Areu for organ transport

Porsche Panamera donated to Areu for organ transport

Areu, the Regional Emergency Emergency Agency, received a Porsche Panamera previously seized by the Court of Milan as a gift from the Lombardy Region; the car will be used for important medical activities in the area, particularly in emergency situations where the large engine capacity of the car could make the difference between life and death.

The Porsche Panamera has already officially entered to be part of the Areu fleet, and immediately became its queen: today it can show off the new ordinance livery, with the typical orange graphics on a white background, as well as flashing lights and sounders to be used during emergencies. In particular, the car will be used for the transport of transplant organs, medical personnel (mainly surgical teams) and organ donors.

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“Areu uses road vehicles, and this is now the more beautiful and faster. We are here, however, also to emphasize an important symbolic message, the car will be online as of tomorrow because the number of samples and organs in various locations is very high on a regional and inter-regional scale. We have about 1,500 missions a year to complete, last year we covered more than 270,000 kilometers by road. For this service we also use helicopters and jets to transport the teams that go to collect the organs. Behind there is an important coordination because these events are often contemporary, which is why many people and means are needed to manage everything in the right time "

On the occasion of the delivery of the car there were also the Delegated Judge of the proceedings at the Court of Milan, Giuseppe Cernuto, and the judicial administrator Mariella Spada, and both said they were very satisfied with how it ended this process, and for its speed: the car was seized in September 2021 and already in October the Court had authorized the assignment of the car to Areu.