Is Roblox Really a Danger? This latest case could confirm this

Is Roblox Really a Danger? This latest case could confirm this

In recent weeks, several reports have pointed to the popular Roblox live service as an unsafe place for minors and children. A particular story that comes from the United States could have confirmed everything, showing a dark side of the popular game that for some years has become a favorite of young players.

According to as reported by the Miami Herald, a thirteen-year-old girl was kidnapped by a 33-year-old adult. The story, according to Captain John Ivey of the Clayton County Police Department, developed from a meeting between the two on Roblox. The man allegedly met the victim on February 18, convincing her to meet him after two days. The man then went to the house of the girl, who got into the kidnapper's car.

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Roblox has been under accusation for some time now. The platform, which has around 54 million registered users, would almost be a great place for rapists and criminals. Clearly the responsibility lies not only with the managers, but also with the parents themselves who would not control enough the activities of their children. As always, online safety also starts (and above all) at home, monitoring the activities that children undertake during their free time in front of PCs and smartphones.

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