Half-Life and more: Valve is betting everything on its IPs, many sequels would be in development

Half-Life and more: Valve is betting everything on its IPs, many sequels would be in development

Half-Life and more

After several years, Valve has returned to producing new video games and hardware with great frequency. The release of Steam Deck, the portable gaming platform that brings a PC gaming experience everywhere, is recent, but apparently the US company already has much more in the pipeline. To reveal some possible first clues is a leak that has emerged on the net in these hours, which also brings to attention the development of a new game in the Half-Life series, and more.

As user Tyler McVicker reported in a new YouTube video, there would be new information on everything that is in the works at Valve's studios. Everything comes from a work of datamining in the files of the most recent Aperture Desk Job, with the new title for Steam Deck that launches more than a few clues about what Valve would be working on. Specifically, possible first clues emerge about a sequel to Half-Life: Alyx, a port of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the Source 2 engine and a painting game set in the Portal universe.

Although these projects are mentioned in a recent title from Valve itself, none of these sequels have yet been officially confirmed. This is why we advise you to take this information with due attention.

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Valve datamine finds traces of Half-Life: Alyx follow up and cancelled Portal game

A datamine of Valve’s recent Aperture Desk Job tech demo found traces of a Half-Life: Alyx follow-up and canceled Portal game.

As spotted by VGC, YouTuber Tyler McVicker discovered a number of interesting things buried within Aperture Desk Job’s code. The four main finds include: 'Citadel, some kind of follow up to Half-Life: Alyx, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Source 2 port, and a recreation of the previously canceled Portal paint game.'

Arguably two of the more interesting Valve games mentioned in the video are a Half-Life: Alyx follow-up and the canceled Portal paint game. In McVicker’s latest YouTube video, they talk about Half-Life Citadel, however, they do say in their video that they will discuss what was found in terms of the other three games in another video. 

As McVicker says so themselves though, the contents of the video 'could very well be meant for other projects, but with no discernible tags, it all seems to fit within this one game.' Not only this but, also echoed by McVicker, none of the games mentioned in the datamine have been officially confirmed by Valve so it’s definitely best to take them all with a grain of salt. 

McVicker previously shared information about Half-Life: Citadel back in November 2021 revealing that they believe Half-Life 3 was scrapped in favor of RTS/FPS hybrid for Steam Deck. According to the YouTuber, Citadel is an RTS/FPS co-op game set in the Half-Life universe and incorporates elements of Left4Dead, Alien Swarm, and other RTS games that will show off what the Steam Deck is capable of. 

It’s clear that Valve is not only hard at work delivering the Steam Deck but also working on a number of games behind closed doors. Although there’s no way of knowing exactly what is currently developing, Valve designer Greg Coomer did recently say: 'There are multiple games in development right now at Valve, and I think they're pretty exciting ones.' Whether or not any of them are listed in the datamine, we will have to wait for official confirmation. 

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