Fallout: New Vegas 2, by Jeff Grubb more details on Obsidian and the franchise

Fallout: New Vegas 2, by Jeff Grubb more details on Obsidian and the franchise


Journalist Jeff Grubb has returned to talk about the rumors surrounding the development of Fallout: New Vegas 2 by Obsidian Entertainment, adding a reasoning related to the management of the entire franchise by Microsoft.

As you remember, some days ago Grubb said that Obsidian and Microsoft are talking about Fallout: New Vegas 2, and after his speech some sources reiterated that there is indeed an ongoing discussion, although the project will not materialize for a few years, as 'was to be expected.

The central point of the speech, however, would be another: the house in Redmond intends to exploit the intellectual property of Fallout and keep it active, so that ten years will not pass between the release of one game and the other.

For this reason we are thinking about entrusting the eventual realization of New Vegas 2 to Obsidian Entertainment, but there are also rumors about the possibility of commissioning a chapter to InXile Entertainment, all while the work at Bethesda continues.

In short, according to Jeff Grubb at the moment all the hypotheses are on the table and it is still early to talk about specific projects, but one thing is clear: Microsoft has it all the intention to relaunch the Fallout brand and make it one of its pillars in the future.

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