Extrema Fulminea, the first specimen that pays homage to Ukraine is up for auction

Extrema Fulminea, the first specimen that pays homage to Ukraine is up for auction

Extrema Fulminea

Automobili Estrema pays tribute to Ukraine with the Extrema Fulminea. Not surprisingly, the company has decided to make the first zero-emission hypercar with a particular yellow / blue livery that reflects the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

However, the Fulminea - which according to what is widespread will arrive towards the end of next year - it will be auctioned and the proceeds will later be donated to charity to support Ukraine.

The money will be used for two separate projects, one in Ukraine, to help rebuild the schools and hospitals damaged by the bombing, and one in Russia, to mitigate the effects of the permafrost thaw in Siberia. Our modest contribution knows no nationalisms. We are all citizens of one and only planet and with this initiative it is our intention to ideally unite the two peoples. Among other things, yellow-gold and blue-blue are also the colors of the city of Modena and this fact, albeit fortuitous, makes us happy because it also underlines the link with the city where we have chosen to give birth to Fulminea, commented Gianfranco. Pizzuto, founder and managing director of Automobili Estrema.

Presented last year at the Turin Motor Show, the Extreme Lightning will be the first to present a hybrid battery with supercapacitors combined with a lithium-ion battery. In detail, the car will be characterized by the presence of four electric motors with 2040 HP of power, a battery pack produced in collaboration with Imecar Elektronik with a capacity of 100 kWh capable of guaranteeing up to 520 km of autonomy in the WLTP cycle and a shot from 0 to 320 km / h in less than 10 seconds.