Elden Ring: review bombing underway on Metacritic, the PC version is the most criticized

Elden Ring: review bombing underway on Metacritic, the PC version is the most criticized

Elden Ring

Elden Ring was released about a week ago and critics around the world loved the game, giving it top marks. On Metacritic, the average is at least 95. In the case of the average of users, however, the situation is different. Right now, the public is carrying out a "review bombing", which has dropped the user average to 6.1, in the case of the PC version.

Specifically, Elden Ring players are assigning zeros or ones slightly higher ratings for the PC version, heavily criticizing the game's performance, which is considered unsatisfactory. The criticisms are also aimed at the lack of some functions, such as support for 21: 9 and 144 Hz. In principle, these are understandable criticisms, even if obviously it is not objective to say that the game deserves the absolute minimum rating.

The character of Elden Ring versus the Sentinel of the Tree At the same time, however, there are various criticisms from players who claim that Elden Ring is bad as a game, not as a port. The nature of the open world is criticized, which they say is not at all innovative or interesting: "it is not an open world, it is just an open field" says one user. The graphics quality, the animations, the lack of a climbing system and more are criticized.

Obviously there are also contrary reviews, but the PC average has dropped considerably. In the case of the next console versions, the situation is slightly better, but even then there are a lot of negative reviews. On Xbox Series X | S, Elden Ring hits 6.8, while on PS5 it hits 7.7. On old-gen, however, we find a 6.5 on PS4 and a 6.1 on Xbox One. The latter two, however, lack press reviews.

If technical problems are your first concern, we would like to point out the patch notes of update 1.02.2, which also solves the big problem of the PS5 version.

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Elden Ring is the biggest non-FIFA or Call of Duty launch since Red Dead Redemption 2 | UK Digital Charts

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Elden Ring is the biggest UK video game launch since Call of Duty: Vanguard, according to the latest digital and physical data supplied by GSD.

Its sales are 2.5x that of last week's big new release, PlayStation's Horizon: Forbidden West. In fact, it's the biggest game launch outside of the Call of Duty and FIFA franchises since Red Dead Redemption 2 in October 2018.

Its week 1 sales are bigger than Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla, which delivered significant opening sales back in 2020.

Note: Nintendo doesn't share digital data.

According to GSD's figures, digital downloads accounted for over 68% of Elden Ring's sales. Xbox and PC were the biggest digital platforms. Almost 85% of Elden Ring sales on Xbox were downloaded, and on PC it was 73%. For PS5 and PS4, the sales were just over 50% digital.

According to GSD's digital and physical numbers, 32% of sales were on PlayStation 5, 30% on PC, 29% on Xbox and 9% on PS4.

The sucess of Elden Ring means that Horizon: Forbidden West slips to second place this week in the combine charts, with sales down 80%. In the digital charts, it falls to No.3 behind FIFA 22.

The only other new game in the charts is Grid Legends, which just about reaches the Top Ten at No.10. 60% of the racing game's sales were via digital downloads.

Here is the GSD UK Digital Top Ten for the week ending February 26:

PositionTitle1Elden Ring2FIFA 223Horizon: Forbidden West4Grand Theft Auto 55Horizon: Zero Dawn6Assassin's Creed Valhalla7NBA 2K228Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection9XCOM 210Grid Legends

Here is the GSD UK Combined (Physical + Digital) Top Ten for the week ending February 26:

PositionTitle1Elden Ring2Horizon: Forbidden West3FIFA 224Grand Theft Auto 55Pokémon Legends: Arceus6Horizon: Zero Dawn7Call of Duty: Vanguard8Assassin's Creed Valhalla9Mario Kart 8 Deluxe10Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition

GSD digital data includes games from participating companies sold via Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Eshop. Participating companies are Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco, Big Ben Interactive, Capcom, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Focus Home Interactive, Koch Media, Konami, Microids, Microsoft, Milestone, Paradox Interactive, Quantic Dream, Sega, Sony, Square Enix, Strelka, Take-Two, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Nintendo and Bethesda are the notable absentees, alongside smaller studios.