Elden Ring: Players complain about the status icons, it is not clear what they are for

Elden Ring: Players complain about the status icons, it is not clear what they are for

Elden Ring

Elden Ring has been out for two weeks, but FromSoftware's work is so boundless and full of mysteries that it will probably be talked about for a long time to come. Speaking of "mysteries", there is one that apparently does not go down well for many players, namely the one related to the effects represented by the status icons under the VP and PA bar of the Senzaluce.

For the uninitiated, in Elden Ring the equipment, the buffs of spells or consumable items, as well as some attacks of the enemies can activate permanent or temporary positive or negative statuses, represented in the game interface by various different icons located under the bar status of the Senzaluce. The bone of contention in this regard is that the game does not explain in any way the effects linked to the aforementioned icons, not even by examining the game menus.

Let's take as an example the image of the Reddit thread below: could you say precisely which effects are linked to the status icons (obviously without consulting external sources)?

In the same discussion, numerous users complained about this lack on the part of FromSoftware, which of its own has opted for a minimalist game interface that contrasts with that of other open world today, but which perhaps is the end of it. too stingy with details.

Only by consulting external sources, such as this page of Fextralife, we learn, for example, that the red icon represents an increase in life points and that it is a permanent buff as in the background there is a square and not a diamond (which instead indicates temporary boosts / debuffs).

Of course, in some cases these effects are determined by the equipment, so just read the description to get an idea of ​​which buffs / debuffs or altered states are activated, but this only partially solves the problem. We would therefore need an internal page in the menus that explains exactly what each icon represents (among other things present in the "tutorial" sections of many games).

Have you noticed any errors?

How to Get & Where to Use Sewer Gaol Key in Elden Ring

If you can’t find the lock that the Sewer Gaol Key unlocks in Elden Ring, we have a guide here for you!

You may find many items in Elden Ring during your exploration, but some of them just don’t have a straightforward explanation to tell you where or how to use them.

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  • Of course, explorations will always be rewarded, and you will finally be able to find a door for your key but finding the lock that the Sewer Gaol Key will unlock, might take you a while to discover.

    Elden Ring | Story Trailer



    Elden Ring | Story Trailer






    You can get the Sewer Gaol key from Dung Eater at Roundhold Table, but he won’t give it to you until you give him a Seedbed Curse.

    In order to get a Seedbed Curse, you can go to Leyndell, Royal Capital. Enter the city from the entrance that you discovered for the very first time after defeating Draconic Tree Sentinel. Make your way toward the first elevator and go down.

    After exiting the elevator, there is a hall ahead with a ladder on the right inside the hall. Go up, and then go upstairs, and you will find a Seedbed Curse on a corpse.

    Go back and give it to Dung Eater to get the Sewer Gaol Key.

    Where to Use Sewer Gaol Key

    Now, you should follow a complicated and tricky path in Leyndell to find the city’s sewer. Then, you can find the door to use the Sewer Gaol key on.

    We suggest you check out the video below from “SpookyFairy” as it’s pretty complicated to explain where you should exactly go without a video.

    Elden Ring Where To Use The Sewer Gaol Key & How To Reach The Leyndell Royal Capital Sewers

    Elden Ring isa> now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.