Rust: new content coming in 2022

Rust: new content coming in 2022


Rust will be enriched with new content in 2022. To suggest it was the software house Facepunch Studios, who wanted to reassure fans about the support given to the game during the year just entered.

After all, it was inevitable that this was the case, given the success achieved in 2021, including port on consoles, complete reinterpretation of the game map, success in the world of live streams, addition of a permanent store and much more.

The user base is still very high, so somehow it needs to be satisfied. Facepunch Studios has therefore anticipated that the arctic monument will soon be launched, adding that it will be accompanied by new weapons, new events, new vehicles, new animals and much more.

Also wrote: "What can you expect from us in 2022? More of the same! There will be monthly updates released every first Thursday of the month, as well as occasional hotfixes and holiday events. In February we will introduce several changes that will improve the lives of users. We are excited to find out what goals we can achieve in 2022 and we want to thank all the players one by one for continuing to love our work. "

For now we have to make do with this generic note, which however promises well. In the meantime you have been waiting, remember that Rust is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If desired, it is also playable in backward compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series. We don't know if the latest generation consoles will ever get a native version.

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'Rust' shooting incident: Alec Baldwin counters claim of not cooperation in investigation

Washington [US], January 9 (ANI): Actor Alec Baldwin has responded to apparent claims that he is not cooperating with the ongoing investigation into the October shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the 'Rust' film set.

He took to Instagram on Saturday to share footage of himself asserting that he is 'one thousand percent going to comply' with the investigation.

'Any suggestion that I am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone, that's bullshit. That's a lie,' Baldwin said.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, while on 'Rust's' Bonanza Creek Ranch set in Santa Fe on October 21, Baldwin was holding a revolver when it accidentally discharged, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.

Baldwin has said he was not aware the firearm contained a live round, and the Santa Fe County Sheriff's department and district attorney are investigating the incident.

According to Baldwin's new Instagram post, any perceived delay in his involvement stems from the fact that he lives in New York.

He said, 'Someone from another state can't come to you and say, 'Give me your phone, give me this, give me that. They can't do that. They've got to go through the state you live in. That is a process that takes time.'Baldwin continued, 'The best way, the only way, we can honor the death of Halyna Hutchins is to find out the truth. I have no worries about that. That's all going to work itself out, regardless of what they say in these right-wing rag sheets.'As per The Hollywood Reporter, during a January 1 post to Instagram, Baldwin referred to the incident as 'the worst situation I've ever been involved with,' adding that his goal in 2022 is to not let negativity 'destroy' his well-being. (ANI)