No Nintendo Switch Pro but in 2024 a next gen console will arrive, for analysts

No Nintendo Switch Pro but in 2024 a next gen console will arrive, for analysts

No Nintendo Switch Pro but in 2024 a next gen console will arrive

Nintendo Switch will have a real successor in 2024, according to some analysts, but this will not be the alleged Nintendo Switch Pro model that would not be foreseen by the company, but a real new next gen console from Nintendo.

This is the prediction of Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, which would thus silence the endless rumors about the alleged Nintendo Switch Pro in favor of something completely new, which could follow the line of success imposed by Switch but could also be something different.

Will the Nintendo Switch family remain as it is until a new console arrives in 2024? "I expect the performance of the console market to be quite stable over the course of 2022, with a decline in Nintendo Switch sales and after two years of great results on the gaming console front," Harding-Rolls wrote to br>
"In any case, the Nintendo Switch family of devices will still be the best-selling in 2022 reaching around 21 million units sold, also helped by the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED," he added. All this, however, will not lead to further evolutions on this line: "I do not expect a Nintendo Switch Pro in 2022, we are planning a next gen console from Nintendo for the late 2024, so I am not convinced that a Pro model is destined to appear in the everything".

Nintendo, in fact, has always denied the rumors about an enhanced model of Nintendo Switch, commonly called "Pro", for some years now. On the other hand, last year it launched the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which improves the integrated screen with a higher quality and size OLED panel, while remaining in line with the original hardware. Nintendo has also reported in the past that the Nintendo Switch life cycle may be set to last for a long time, which may not coincide with the launch of a next gen console as early as 2024, but there is still time to return to the subject.

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Analyst Predicts 2024 Release Date For Next-Gen Nintendo Switch Successor

Switch OLEDImage: Nintendo Life

With all of the rumours regarding the infamous 'Switch Pro' and the eventual release of the Switch OLED model last year, we've hardly had a chance to think about Nintendo's true next generation of hardware. For the past year or two, the Switch has been described on more than one occasion as being in the 'middle' of its lifecycle, suggesting there are plenty more years for it to thrive.

But, should history repeat itself once more, something new will eventually take over the reins. Decades since this hobby of ours took off, we're still yet to see a system live on without a successor replacing it after a handful of years – so what does Nintendo's future look like, and when can we expect a new system to take Switch's place?

Well, according to Ampere Analysis' Piers Harding-Rolls, a new, next-gen Nintendo console could be headed our way in 'late 2024'. Speaking to, Harding-Rolls says that he doesn't expect a 'Switch Pro' to arrive this year, or possibly ever, and that Switch sales will start to see a slight decline this year.

'I'm currently expecting the console market year-on-year performance to be quite flat in 2022 as Switch sales decline and we come off what has been an amazing couple of years for console gaming. Even so, Nintendo Switch family of devices will once again be the best-selling consoles in 2022 at around 21 million sold to consumers, aided by the release of Switch OLED.

I'm not expecting a Switch Pro in 2022. We have a next-gen Nintendo console in our forecasts for late 2024, so I'm not convinced a 'Pro' model is going to appear at all.'

Nintendo's often quoted as saying that it's 'always' working on new hardware, so we've no doubt that the company's brightest minds are busy coming up with new technologies and new ways to play. But does that 2024 release window for a new system feel right? We'll leave you to mull that one over in the comments.

In the same analyst predictions round-up, it was claimed that a brand new Mario Kart game is 'in active development' and could be shown off this year.

Whatever happens, 2022 could be pretty special.