Steam Deck: The final packaging of the console has been shown, here are the pictures

Steam Deck: The final packaging of the console has been shown, here are the pictures

Steam Deck

Steam Deck Valve has unveiled the final Steam Deck package, awaiting distribution scheduled for February 2022. As you can see above and just below via the gallery, Valve has shared a series of images showing the package and content.

Valve said it recently completed the final Steam Deck prototype ahead of production, which it is now testing and preparing for sending to developers, although it expects to make some small additional changes to the final product.

Here's the Steam Deck Image Gallery.

Steam Deck was originally scheduled for December 2021, but Valve recently postponed the release date by two months due to material supply limits needed for production.

Valve also said it has no plans to make any Steam Deck exclusives as it is a PC and should remain so. According to reports, the company is still busy developing games that are suitable for Steam Deck controls.

One example is Citadel: Valve's new game for Steam Deck, it's a mix between Half-Life and a RTS for a dataminer.

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Valve Reveals New Look Of The Steam Deck And Its Box

Valve has shared a new update on the production of the handheld Steam Deck, revealing new images as well as what the packaging will look like.

Sharing in a new Steam community post, Valve confirmed that it has recently completed its design validation manufacturing build of the Steam Deck, a version which it will use for additional testing and developer kits.

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'DV [design validation] is the final prototype build before production, and it includes improvements from the EV2 build,' Valve said. 'After this build, there will be additional minor changes in the final product.'

'One of the main differences between these units and the previous (EV2) prototypes is that we are now testing our packaging design. So before we start sending these out to developers, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of the final packaging that customers will see in February.'

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The company said that it will start shipping the first wave of dev-kits out to developers 'very soon.'

The several images shared show what the interior and exterior of the Steam Deck box will look like and include. One image shows the inside of the box decorated with text in more than one language, with some pieces of the text indicating how and where you can use the Steam Deck--including the toilet and 'in a test chamber.'

Valve also confirmed that the handheld device will come with one Steam Deck and one power supply, and also shared the first images of the 64GB and 256GB Steam Deck carry-cases.

The Steam Deck was announced earlier this year and is a Switch-like portable PC. The device starts at $400 but scales up to $650 depending on the storage type, but Valve is also accepting $5 deposits so fans may get their hands on one. Last month, Valve announced that the Steam Deck has been delayed to February 2022.