Minecraft celebrates the launch of Halo Infinite with 8 themed skins

Minecraft celebrates the launch of Halo Infinite with 8 themed skins

+1 The Halo Infinite campaign has finally arrived on PC and Xbox consoles and to celebrate Mojang and 343 Industries have joined forces with 4J Studios to introduce 8 new Halo themed skins to Minecraft and beyond.

The new skins have been added to the "Master Chief Mash-up Pack" released last year and available for purchase for 990 Minecoins in the Minecraft Marketplace, which now includes 56 skins inspired by the Halo franchise thanks to this upgrade. Obviously, those who have already purchased this content in the past will receive these additional items for free.

As mentioned at the beginning, the upgrade of the Master Chief Mash-up Pack includes 8 skins, inspired by Commander Laurette Agryna, the War Chief Escharum , to Jega 'Rdomnai, to the pilot of the Pelican Echo-216, to the Spartan samurai armor Yoroi and finally three Master Chief costumes.

New items will also be available, such as hats and t-shirts, and Halo-themed emotes for the Minecraft Character Creator. You can admire some of the new skins in the image gallery above.

Staying on topic, a few weeks ago Mojang released the full-bodied Minecraft update Caves & Clff: Part 2 which includes lots of new features, including higher mountains and new biomes to explore.

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