Halo Infinite: Speedurunner completes the campaign in under two hours

Halo Infinite: Speedurunner completes the campaign in under two hours

Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite campaign has been available for less than a week, but the speedrunner community is already competing to get to the end credits of the 343 Industries shooter in the shortest possible time and among these there are already those who can complete it in less than two hours.

On the net it is already possible to find several speedruns under the two-hour threshold, like the one you find in the video above by Jasper Gaming, who put the Zeta Halo to fire and sword in a flash, to be precise reaching the credits in 1:59:26.

Considering that less than a week has passed since the launch of Halo Infinite, in the next few days we will surely see even shorter completion times, especially when they are discovered a greater number of glitches and tricks useful to cut precious minutes or seconds of time. Furthermore, it should be noted that the speedruns under two hours were done on the Easy difficulty level, therefore with less aggressive enemies.

We are still talking about really impressive times, considering that on average it takes a player about 10 hours to finish the campaign, without considering all the secondary objectives and extras, according to the website HowLongToBeat.

Nel meanwhile Halo Infinite is doing very well on Steam, where it ranks first in last week's sales chart.

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‘Halo Infinite’ Playthrough 2: Perhaps I Judged Too Harshly?

Halo Infinite


This past week, I replayed Halo Infinite for the first time since I beat it close to a month ago, having gotten an early code from Microsoft for review purposes.

I believe you have to review the campaign separately from multiplayer, given that the two have different launch times, structures and even pricing models, and I ended up being on the lower side of Halo Infinite campaign review scores, where I liked the multiplayer component quite a bit more.

My second time through, I’m wondering if perhaps I was too harsh, as I felt like I did enjoy some aspects more during this run, though others issues remained in place.

One thing I came to realize is that no matter the problems I may have had with structure and story, the sandbox just…conquers everything else. There are few games, I would argue, that are enjoyable to play immediately twice in a row, but I never felt like I was slogging through Halo Infinite my second time through. Using knowledge from my first run, I took on encounters in new ways. I may have razed an entire base via Wasp this time rather than going in on foot. I may have brought a truckload full of Marines to kill a VIP target I formerly took on solo. Outside of perhaps the more linear campaign missions, very little about my second run felt identical to the first.

I stopped and smelled the roses, so to speak, a bit more this time. I sought out even more audio logs to bolster the story. I listened to my enemies every chance I had, where ambient Grunt and Elite dialogue is some of the best I’ve ever heard in this series, and had me rolling in some instances.

In terms of the main story, I found myself appreciating perhaps one character more this time around, The Weapon, where I found her naivete exhausting the first time through, but this time, she was more affable. Perhaps knowing her origin story during this pass me more open to her. Now, the main thing I don’t like about her this time is the unsettling modeling of her teeth. Seriously, what’s with those teeth?

I found more secrets. Skulls I managed to find on my own without guides, including the famed Craig tribute on top of a tall tower. I 100% cleared the map outside of a few bugged collectibles, knowing that now my progress wouldn’t be wiped.

Many things stuck, however, as problems, and my opinion didn’t change.

The map is way too hard to navigate using pretty much any vehicle that isn’t a plane or a Ghost. Trying to get a Warthog, Razorback, Scorpion or even Mongoose from point A to point B is often a nightmare due to the terrain, and it negates much of the “Marine support group” mechanic when you find yourself having to zipline everywhere instead, constantly losing your team.

Halo Infinite


My opinion also did not change on The Pilot, who I found grating for 90% of the game. There’s one good sequence he has with Master Chief where he has a breakdown and Chief comforts him, but generally speaking, he second guesses Chief too often, and while I understand the “normal guy thrown into an insane alien war” situation would produce someone who is constantly freaking out, that really does not fit well in a Halo game, “realistic” reactions aside.

I maintain the end of the game really falls apart and feels unfinished (spoilers follow). Even though the length of the campaign itself seems fine, I find it bizarre you cannot explore the entire final north east third of the map, where it’s only used for a few linear campaign missions. I also found that once I was done, there was pretty much another quarter of the map that you could explore optionally, but the story, oddly, never touched there. There was an entire landmass that was just a VIP target and a single skull. Again, this feels like something that got cut for time.

I maintain that hyping up the Endless for 80% of the game, only to have them never arrive as enemies to fight, or even having them be revealed was a bit of a bait and switch I didn’t appreciate. Especially since we have literally zero idea when this story is going to continue, with no roadmap from 343 lightning the way.

And as ever, it’s easy to see how much fun this sandbox map would be with co-op, something we’re not getting for six months at least. But I suppose what I learned here is that the campaign will be fun to play again anyway.

So yes, I did like the game more my second time through. I’m not changing my score, as that’s not how the review process works, but I do think I was overly consumed with my negative thoughts about the ending at the time, and should have focused on the fun gameplay and finer details more. But there’s more to come, both in single and multiplayer, and Halo is going to keep growing with Infinite as a base for long while.

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