Halo Infinite: how long does the campaign last? Amount of hours of gameplay and missions revealed

Halo Infinite: how long does the campaign last? Amount of hours of gameplay and missions revealed

Halo Infinite

Being the single player component of Halo Infinite, many will wonder how long the Campaign lasts, well we can answer the question based on what was detected directly by the editorial staff, as well as in principle also by the other newspapers: in general we agree on a duration from 15 to 20 hours.

Being an open world, the Halo Infinite Campaign allows it to be crossed at different rates and therefore at different times, depending on the style of play of each. Completists will take a little longer, as will those who want to fully explore Zeta Halo: on the other hand, 343 Industries has also filled the game world with secrets, surprises and easter eggs, as we have already seen before the launch. with the one dedicated to Craig discovered by someone in an inaccessible point of the map.

Consequently, the number of hours of duration is a value destined to change, but the average is between 15 and 20 hours for especially the main part of the Campaign plus some extra elements and side missions.

In this case, we report here what Pierpaolo Greco reported in the review of the Halo Infinite Campaign:

For information, we spent 18 hours abundant to conclude the story of Halo Infinite, dedicating a lot time also to secondary activities and totaling an 81% completion as indicated by the appropriate counter.

As for the quantity of missions, in total there will be 70, including the secondary ones, but of these only 16 are the main ones that make up the history of the game, so you can also dedicate yourself to these in order to complete it . Moreover, we have seen that the missions are not replayable at present, but the selection of the levels will still be introduced later.

We remind you that Halo Infinite is released today, December 8, at 19:00.

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Here’s What Time ‘Halo Infinite’ Launches In Your Region

Halo Infinite


The day has finally arrived. A year delay, a three week early release of multiplayer, and now everyone will finally be able to get their hands on the Halo Infinite campaign, and make up their minds about 343’s latest installment, and the guideposts for the next generation of Halo content from Microsoft.

You are probably waking up to check if you can play this very moment, but Halo Infinite is doing a global launch where the game releases simultaneously in all regions. So, what times does Halo Infinite launch?

December 8:

  • 10 AM PT
  • 12 PM CT + CST
  • 1 PM ET
  • 3 PM BRT
  • 6 PM GMT
  • 7 PM CET
  • 9 PM AST + MSK
  • December 9:

  • 2 AM HKT
  • 3 AM JST
  • 5 AM AEDT
  • 7 AM NZDT
  • So, essentially usual daily challenge reset time for most regions. While Halo Infinite is single player and has no co-op, online or otherwise, I would expect there possibly to be some login issues as everyone floods to it, although 343 did do a good job preventing that from happening too much during the multiplayer launch, so maybe not.

    It is pretty bizarre to think that multiplayer was also supposed to be launching today. It really reinforces just how separately packaged these two halves of Halo Infinite are. Besides the different release dates, Infinite is free-to-play and the campaign is either $60 by itself, or requires a Game Pass subscription, no doubt how the majority of players will play.

    Halo Infinite


    It’s going to be really hard to measure the success of Halo Infinite in a traditional way, as sales will mean relatively little with its Game Pass inclusion, so expect to see some metric like “hours played” that will not mean all that much. The campaign also has zero monetization, as that’s all jammed into multiplayer instead.

    Halo Infinite campaign reviews arrived a few days ago, and it’s scoring pretty high with an 86 on Metacritic. I was definitely on the lower end of reviews with a 7.5, but again, that’s just the campaign, and I’d score multiplayer significantly higher. My main issue was that the last third of the game felt too unfinished and stopped too short, but we’ll see if anyone agrees with me or not.

    All my progress has been wiped from my review build, so I am diving in to replay the entire campaign again later today just like everyone else. I will work on an “early advice” tips article that will go live later today.

    It’s going to be a big day for Halo fans, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone makes of Infinite. See you out there.

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