Halo Infinite available: Full support from AMD with FreeSync Premium Pro and optimizations

Halo Infinite available: Full support from AMD with FreeSync Premium Pro and optimizations

Halo Infinite available

With the official launch of the long-awaited Halo Infinite campaign, here our review of the single player mode, AMD reiterated its full support for the Microsoft title, reminding us of compatibility with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology and the optimization of the title for the AMD hardware, also highlighted by the recent Radeon driver update.

Also developed for the Xbox Series X | S, Halo Infinite was undoubtedly designed for AMD hardware, the beating heart of the latest generation consoles. Hence the promise of high performance in 1080p and 1440p with all AMD Radeon RX 6000s and very high performance in 4K with an AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT, the company's flagship video card.

Halo Infinite combines tight gameplay with open world dynamics Speaking of 4K performance, the Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.12.1 drivers, here all the details, promise a 17% performance increase with the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT , 16% with the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT and 19% with the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT.

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Halo Infinite: Here's when you can get the game today


Halo Infinite, the long-awaited return of the Microsoft game franchise, is being released today, Dec. 8, for Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One and PC. 

Though Microsoft dropped the free-to-play multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite last month, the full single-player campaign launches Wednesday. To help eager fans across the globe get ready, the official Halo account on Twitter shared the launch time for the new game across regions. 

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Here's the breakdown of the times:

  • 7 a.m. NZDT (on Dec. 9) in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • 5 a.m. AEDT (on Dec. 9) in Sydney.
  • 3 a.m. JST (on Dec. 9) in Tokyo.
  • 2 a.m. HKT (on Dec. 9) in Hong Kong.
  • 11:30 p.m. IST in New Delhi.
  • 9 p.m. MSK in Moscow.
  • 9 p.m. AST in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • 7 p.m. CET in Berlin.
  • 8 p.m. GMT in London.
  • 3 p.m. BRT in Sao Paulo.
  • 1 p.m. EST in New York City.
  • 12 p.m. CST in Mexico City.
  • 10 a.m. PST in Seattle.
  • Halo Infinite's new story goes on sale for $60 for the Xbox and PC on Wednesday (and is already available to preorder) and will be included for free for subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass.

    Microsoft has a lot riding on Halo Infinite after delaying the game multiple times and leaving fans concerned by a gameplay reveal in 2020. But apparently, time has served Halo well. CNET's Mark Serrels said the game is pretty much the 'Halo that exists in your imagination,' and the game has earned a score of 86 on Metacritic.