Does Babylon's Fall support Italian? The Steam page responds

Does Babylon's Fall support Italian? The Steam page responds

PlatinumGames, a beloved development team dedicated to action games, has shared new information from Babylon's Fall on Steam. Through the product page of the game we have the opportunity to discover for example that it will not support Italian in any form.

The Babylon's Fall Steam product page allows us to see that the game will not include Italian or as dubbing , nor as texts. Our language is completely ignored.

Babylon's Fall will have dubbing in the following languages:

English Japanese

Finally, here are the languages ​​supported by Babylon's lyrics and interface Fall:

English French German Japanese

For most Italian players, therefore, the only way to play Babylon's Fall is to choose the English language. We are sure that for many it will not be good news.

A setting of Babylon's Fall In our try of Babylon's Fall we explained to you that: "The test of Babylon's Fall has left us with a bad taste in our mouth. The PlatinumGames game still seems to be in an embryonic state and, most unexpected of all, it has a simplistic combat system, which in no way manages to enhance a slow and scarcely spectacular gameplay far from the productions to which the Japanese house has accustomed us. . We have no idea what production problems led to this, but one thing is certain: this game must transform completely before launch, or it really risks a short life. For our part we can only hope for a future revolution. "

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