Dakar Desert Rally announced with details, gameplay trailers and first images

Dakar Desert Rally announced with details, gameplay trailers and first images

Dakar Desert Rally announced with details

Saber Interactive has announced the Dakar Desert Rally with details, a gameplay trailer and some images. Scheduled for PC, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, it will launch in 2022 and will attempt to simulate the historic competition taking place in the desert as accurately and as fun as possible.

The trailer is at the head of the news, as per tradition. So let's see the first pictures of the game:

+5 Let's read the official description of Dakar Desert Rally taken from its Steam page:

Dakar Desert Rally is the biggest and most epic off-road rally adventure ever developed. Dakar Desert Rally captures the authentic speed and excitement of Amaury Sport Organization's legendary rally race, the largest on the planet, with a wide range of vehicles licensed by the best manufacturers in the world, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, quads and SSV. The game offers unique challenges for fans of off-road simulation and casual racing. Compete in fierce online multiplayer races or explore the vast wilderness in offline single player mode.

The authentic Dakar rally experience

Over 30 complete rally stages, drawn from the official Dakar Rally races of 2020 and 2021, with officially licensed vehicles, teams and drivers, in multiplayer mode and single. All in a huge open world that does not limit you to certain roads and paths. The game also supports a wide variety of steering wheels for the ultimate driving experience.

Dynamic seasons and climate

With all four seasons and full day-night cycle. In the face of turbulent sandstorms, the blazing desert sun, exhausting rain and snow, or deep mud, you will have to face nature and opponents to win.

Rescue and repair

In true Dakar style, you can tow and rescue opponents for extra repair points. Who knows, you might need someone to return the favor along the way.

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Having tasted plenty of success in the World Rally Championship in the past, Prodrive took its off-road excursions to a new level with its first Dakar Rally entry this year. Now well-versed in the challenges that the famous rally-raid event possesses, Prodrive can learn from those lessons for next year's tilt at Dakar honours.