The Sims 4: Free Update adds Scenario mode, here's how it works

The Sims 4: Free Update adds Scenario mode, here's how it works

The Sims 4

EA has introduced in The Sims 4, through a free update, a new mode: Scenario. This new version of the game adds mission-style objectives for a more focused experience.

Via a dedicated blog post, the development team explained: "The fun part is that there are different achievements for each Scenario. and there are many ways to achieve those results. This means that there is more than one way to complete a Scenario, so you Simmers have more options for achieving the result "in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 , some Sims play chess There are currently two scenarios in The Sims 4: "Finding Love After a Breakup" and "Making Money". The third will be available on November 6, 2021 and will be called "Too Many Toddlers".

Finding Love After a Breakup will see your Sim suffering from a breakup and trying to find love again : we can save the relationship already in progress or meet someone new. In Making Money, however, The Sims 4 players will have to compete to earn 1 million Simoleons from scratch.

The Sims 4 Scenarios will be managed separately from other games, so you don't have to worry about overwriting the existing data. Over time, some Scenarios will be modified while others will be eliminated. You should therefore try the mode and individual Scenarios as soon as they become available.

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The Sims 4 introduces new Scenarios mode in latest update

Players of The Sims 4 will get to enjoy a new Scenarios mode being introduced to the game this week.

As revealed on the official website, Scenarios are a new goal-based story mode within the popular life sim. Players are given a scenario (obviously) and a goal they must achieve by the conclusion. How they reach that goal, however, is up to the player.

There’s two scenarios on offer in the The Sims 4 Scenarios mode’s initial launch. One of these is entitled Making Money and the other Finding Love after a Break Up. While the latter of these is being left for players to discover, the first sees you trying to earn one million Simoleons in any way possible.

To play the new mode, players can select New Scenario from the main menu. However, at the current time players will have to use a new household. Maxis say they intend to allow players to bring existing households into the mode in a future update.

These are just the first two scenarios too. Developers Maxis have said they plan to add more The Sims 4 Scenarios to the mode in the future. You can find an FAQ on the new mode over at the bottom of the announcement post.

Scenarios are available now as a free update to The Sims 4 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. A new garden-themed Blooming Rooms Kit DLC will also be available for purchase on November 9.