Fortnite: the last update of Season 8 has been postponed

Fortnite: the last update of Season 8 has been postponed


Fortnite's 18:40 update was expected this week, but apparently fans of the well-known battle royale will have to wait a little longer before discovering the next news coming to the game. The next update is one of the most anticipated given that, as it seems, it will complete season 8 by opening a new future to what remains one of the most popular battle royale on the square today.

Last update brought Fortnite to the 18:30 version and is now out at the end of October. The players of the Epic Games title were expecting the arrival of the new patch already this week, but according to a series of posts published on the net by the usual reliable dataminers, everything is postponed until next week.

In addition to this, iFireMonkey dataminer stated that Fortnite update 18:40 will mark the conclusion of the current Season 8. This means that we are presumably close to a late / early season event, although there are very few clues to this at the moment.

Also as a reminder, v18.40 is set to be the FINAL update for Chapter 2 - Season 8.

- iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) November 5, 2021

At the moment the last big announcement regarding Fortnite saw the long awaited collaboration with League of Legends, leading to the well-known battle royale of Epic Games Jinx. That the upcoming season could have the popular Riot Games moba as a theme? Let us know if you would like to see more characters from LOL in the Epic Games title from here to the near future.

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5 skins to expect during Fortnite Winterfest 2021

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 is less than a month away and the community has some amazing new skins and rewards to look forward to. Some are confirmed concept skins vouched for by Epic Games themselves, while others are leaks and speculation based on surveys.

Nevertheless, the possibility of all of them making it to the game is ever present. Given that over a dozen new skins were added during Fortnitemares 2021, having more than a few added in during Winterfest 2021 is a real possibility.

5) Christmas Isabelle

The Fortnite Winterfest 2021 variant of the Isabelle skin is currently called Christmas Isabelle and was found in a survey leak. The rendition of the skin in the tweet above was made by the concept artist DEVINK_official.

Given the original skin's popularity in Chapter 2 Season 6, Christmas Isabelle has a high chance of becoming a reality. Nevertheless, without official information, it's hard to get a clear picture.

4) Gingerbread Aerial Assault Trooper

Aerial Assault Trooper is an 'OG' skin. It was introduced in Chapter 1 Season 1. Some time ago, a winter variant of the skin was discovered in a survey leak. It features the 'OG' skin donning a Gingerbread Man suit. It's unclear if this outfit will be an edit style or a brand new purchasable skin.

3) Winter Slone

Even though the Winter Slone skin is based on a leak from a survey, she makes a good addition to Fortnite Winterfest 2021. The concept design is done by the artist luis618000. It showcases Doctor Slone wearing an Imagine Order outfit kitted out for winter warfare.

2) Frigid Foregoer

Frigid Foregoer is a confirmed concept skin for Fortnite Winterfest 2021 by artist AltaCalls. Based on his description, Frigid Foregoer wanders the frozen wastes seeking vengeance.

The artist has not showcased any additional cosmetics that will accompany the outfit. Nevertheless, Epic Games is bound to add their own touches to the skin prior to release.

1) Nalia

Developed by concept artist lbdart_, Nalia looks simply breathtaking. Based on her description, she is the fierce guardian of the frozen forests. She protects the lands of an ancient loved one against invaders.

She is a confirmed skin for Fortnite Winterfest 2021 and will feature an outfit, Pickaxe (Custorian Claw) and Back Bling (Bird of the forest). At this time, it's unknown if the bundle will feature additional cosmetics.

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