Xbox Series X, tons of exclusives are yet to be announced

Xbox Series X, tons of exclusives are yet to be announced

Xbox Series X

The differences between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are, as has always been the case, relative to the titles you can play with. While Sony is more confident with the development of first-party works, with high-profile productions such as the recent Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, on the other hand Microsoft is focusing more on Xbox Game Pass. However, it is also worth noting that only in this 2021 on Xbox Series X and Series S have come great exclusives such as Psychonauts 2 or Grounded, while the highly anticipated Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are on the way.

Il journalist Jez Corden, during the podcast The Xbox Two, revealed very interesting information regarding the games coming to Microsoft consoles. According to his estimate, only a third of the titles currently in development have been officially announced, and therefore a good 60/70% of the upcoming games are still hidden in the shadows. Among these, however, Bethesda productions would seem to be excluded, given that Corden refers only to works by Xbox Game Studios.

The development studios involved could be really many, in fact: the journalist mentions two Mojang games, but we also remember that a new IP of The Coalition has been rumored for some time, as well as Gears 6. We could also think of the intellectual properties of inXile, IOI, Double Fine or even Obsidian Entertainment. In short, the Xbox Game Studios software houses are really many and no doubt they could be working on many different projects.

At the moment, we have "only" confirmation of the arrival of Project Mara, Contraband, As Dusk Falls, Starfield, Red Fall, Perfect Dark, Fable, Everwild, State of Decay 3, Avowed, Indiana Jones, The Outer Worlds 2, Forza Motorsport, The Elder Scrolls 6 and Hellblade 2. The list is definitely very long and full of promising works, but as always we advise you to take Jez Corden's information with a grain of salt, as it clearly isn't there. official confirmation of what he said.

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Xbox Series X Restock Update for GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Target and More

Image shows the Xbox Seires X (in black) and Series S (in white) on display in a Tokyo electronics store. © Charly Triballeau/Getty Images Image shows the Xbox Seires X (in black) and Series S (in white) on display in a Tokyo electronics store.

A number of Xbox Series X restocks have taken place over the past couple of days, with GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy and the Microsoft store all replenishing their inventories.

Here is the latest information for every major U.S. retailer.

Walmart Xbox Series X Restock

Not only did Walmart restock on the Xbox Series X yesterday (Thursday, October 7), but it managed to do so twice in the space of just one hour.

At 12 p.m. ET, the merchant was selling the standard version of the console and then, a few minutes later, they were also accepting orders for the Halo Infinite edition.

While the timing of this does not fit Walmart's typical restock pattern (it usually schedules its drops for 3 p.m.) it was still on a Thursday, which is almost always the case.

Walmart often waits two weeks between its restocks, so the next one is likely to occur on Thursday, 21 October. In the meantime, you might be able to find a few second-hand units on the website, but these will be very expensive.

Check Xbox Series X restock at WalmartMicrosoft Store Xbox Series X Restock

A few hours after Walmart's restock, the Microsoft Store also released new units of the Halo Infinite edition Xbox Series X.

The specially designed console was briefly available at 6:35 p.m. ET. It was priced at $549.99 and came with a matching controller.

These supplies have now been exhausted and there are no more Xbox units for sale on Microsoft's website.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Microsoft Store.Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock

The Xbox Series X was being sold at Best Buy as a standalone item on Wednesday, October 6. The console was listed for its recommended manufacturer's price of $499, but these units were quickly depleted.

In general, U.S. merchants coordinate their Xbox drops on a fortnightly basis, which means that you should expect the next Best Buy restock to take place sometime around Wednesday, October 20.

If something unexpected happens before then, dedicated console trackers like @GYXdeals, @XboxStockAlerts and @mattswider will update their Twitter followers.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Best BuyAmazon Xbox Series X Restock

You are currently unable to add an Xbox Series X to your Amazon basket.

While there is no indication of when the marketplace will next be restocking on Microsoft's hardware, it is one of the few places right now where you can get your hands on a Nintendo Switch OLED edition.

Check Xbox Series X restock at AmazonGameStop Xbox Series X Restock

As we previously reported, GameStop released a new bundle on Thursday that contained the Xbox Series X, a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass and a copy of Far Cry 6.

The entire package cost $689.96 and was reserved exclusively for GameStop's 'Power Up Rewards Pro' customers.

Check Xbox Series X restock at GameStopTarget Xbox Series X Restock

Given that Target is no longer coordinating nationwide drops, it can be quite difficult to forecast when you will next be able to buy an Xbox Series X from the retail chain.

For the last few months, individual Target stores have been organizing their own restocks, which means that the situation is different on a region-by-region basis.

The only thing you can do to improve your odds is to keep checking the console's availability at nearby locations. You can do this by using the ZIP-code search field on the website, in order to narrow down your results.

We would recommend doing this first thing in the morning, as that is when most outlets update their inventories.

Check Xbox Series X restock at TargetNewegg Xbox Series X Restock

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X were featured in consecutive Newegg shuffles last week.

Unfortunately, that streak ended abruptly on October 1 and there have been no consoles offered in any lottery draws since. Speaking of which, today's shuffle entirely comprises PC components like video cards and motherboards.

As always, you can browse for second-hand units elsewhere on Newegg's website, but any items that you find here will be considerably overpriced. For instance, there is a used Xbox Series X listed on the site for $934, which is nearly double the recommended manufacturer's price.

Check Xbox Series X restock at NeweggAntonline Xbox Series X Restock

While you can't buy an Xbox Series X from Antonline at the time of writing, the less-powerful Series S remains in stock.

If you decide that you want to purchase one of these, then will have a choice of four different bundles. They largely consist of the exact same items (including the console itself and a Nkyo wired headset), but they do come with uniquely patterned controllers. Specifically, there is a yellow one, a blue one, a red one and a carbon black one.

Regardless of which color you choose, you will need to pay $364.99. The only exception to this is the carbon black bundle, which is $5 cheaper for some reason.

Check Xbox Series X restock at AntonlineSam's Club Xbox Series X Restock

Likewise, there is a Series S bundle up for grabs at Sam's Club. Here, the all-digital model console will ship with various controller accessories and a Tritton wired headset for the cost of $349.98.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Sam's Club.Costco Xbox Series X Restock

As per our last update, the Xbox Series X is still unavailable at Costco. On that note, it has been a while since the retailer sold the next-gen console and there is no indication that the situation will be improving any time soon.

In the unlikely event that there is a Costco restock in the near future, it might be worth following @GYXdeals, @XboxStockAlerts and @mattswider on Twitter and switching on notifications.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Costco

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