Resident Evil 4 in Far Cry 5 is the remake we want

Resident Evil 4 in Far Cry 5 is the remake we want

After Capcom officially announced that we will see new announcements for the Resident Evil brand between now and the end of the month, many fans are crossing their fingers in hopes of seeing the much-requested Resident Evil 4 remake.

To date we do not know anything official about a remake of the fourth chapter, but being one of the most beloved chapters of the Capcom brand, it often happens that several fans go to pay homage to this iteration in the most disparate ways.

This time a user thought about it through Reddit who decided to publish some screenshots related to his remake of Resident Evil 4 made all with the editor of Far Cry 5.

I tried recreating the Canyon from Resident Evil 4 in Far Cry 5! from farcry

The final result leaves us with a mouth watering, hoping to see, sooner or later, an official remake of the fourth chapter of Resident Evil; one of the most varied and full of moments hard to forget by fans of the Capcom saga.

You can buy the recent remakes of RE at these addresses: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.