Pokémon Legends Arceus may disappoint some players

Pokémon Legends Arceus may disappoint some players

Returning to show with many new trailers, Pokémon Arceus Legends will star in the first major releases on the Nintendo Switch of 2022. Although the release of Metroid Dread was particularly important for the company and for the players, the Japanese hybrid console shows no signs of stopping. Major Pokémon titles such as Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl or the anticipated Pokémon Legends Arceus will be released in the coming months. While we're familiar with Generation IV remakes, we still know little about the unreleased chapter, and Nintendo may now have announced the game's structure.

The company sent a statement to Kotaku, who had previously reported that it would not be a real open world, giving an official confirmation on the matter. In fact, from the promotional videos and images shared in the past, the structure of the game world was not really clear and defining whether we could wander through very large areas or in a full-fledged open world was still very difficult.

Nintendo has dispelled all doubts, stating that “in Pokémon Arceus Legends, the Village of Jubilation will serve as a base for missions. After receiving an assignment or request and preparing their next excursion, players will depart the village to study one of the various open areas of the Hisui region. After finishing the job, users will have to return once more to prepare for their next task. We look forward to sharing more information on exploring the Hisui region soon.

The company never mentions a real open world, which is why the chances that Arceus Pokémon Legends present an exploration sector of that kind are really very low. This does not mean that the map will be small, but that it will represent something much more similar to titles like Monster Hunter, where the player has a macro area to explore at will. What do you think of this choice? Please let us know by commenting on a lime. Pokémon Arceus Legends will be released ona> Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.

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