PC Building Simulator: record numbers for the Master Race simulator

PC Building Simulator: record numbers for the Master Race simulator

PC Building Simulator

In the last week, Epic Games gave away PC Building Simulator, a video game where .. you assemble computers. And given that in real life it is becoming more and more complicated to be able to assemble a gaming machine, given the semiconductor crisis that has made video cards increasingly difficult to find at list prices, players have decided to turn to a game en masse. able to fill their shortcomings. And in fact the game is definitely crazy.

PC Building Simulator is in fact available for free from Thursday 7 October 2021 on the Epic Games client. In the first three hours in which it was possible to download it, about 1 million downloads were recorded, and then 24 hours later it reaches an incredible 2.5 million collections. Incredible right? But there are other reasons why the game has achieved similar success.

The title is not only a simulator but also a sort of showcase for hardware manufacturers. PC Building Simulator was in fact published in 2018 by The Irregular Corporation and immediately attracted several players and the attention of brands such as EVGA, NZXT, ROG, Razer and many others, which have entered into an agreement with the developers. and the publisher to launch themed DLCs. The support was therefore considerable, even in terms of expansion: there is even the possibility of playing as a computer technician who takes care of fixing the PCs of an esport team.

To celebrate the incredible success of PC Building Simulator, The Irregular Corporation has launched a series of very important sales. All workshop DLCs are in fact available at a 10% discount, while the Esports Expansion Career Pack is available at a 50% discount. Finally, anyone who bought the DLCs before the discounts will even receive a partial refund on their account. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Does a PC with an RTX 3060 seem like a dream to you? Instead it is available on Amazon, in a bundle with a well-known upcoming game.

PC Building Simulator is free on the Epic Games Store

Depending on who you ask, PC Building Simulator is either utterly ridiculous or incredibly satisfying. You can decide for yourself by downloading this niche simulator for free from the Epic Games Store before October 17th.

Like the majority of sim games, PCBS speaks to a very specific type of fantasy. If your idea of a good time is overclocking your computer while managing a small business, this is a game that does exactly that. My favorite feature has to be making your work computer in-game look exactly like your computer IRL. The game will even adjust the RGB lighting and wallpaper of your machine to match.

It’s just like my desk... except cleaner.Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

However, depending on your level of experience, the game can actually serve as a worthwhile educational tool for anyone who wants to learn more about... well, building PCs. As someone who had never built a PC prior to playing this game, I actually leaned on the knowledge I got from this game when I started building my own rigs.

PC Building Simulator has received its fair share of DLC, mostly in the form of different workshop environments that are entirely cosmetic. However, it did get an esports expansion that's a little more narrative-focused and plays more like a timed puzzle game rather than a business simulation. It's also worth noting that the game regularly receives free updates that add new hardware to the already massive roster of cases, CPUs, GPUs, and other bits and bobs.

I’ve spent entirely too much time in this game.Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

PC Building Simulator keeps most of the fun parts of this hobby front and center, while cleverly avoiding some of the frustrations and occasional tedium. There are really only two things this game doesn’t simulate: misplacing that last thumbscrew and getting thermal paste on absolutely everything.