FIFA 22: Ultimate Team and the microtransactions you don't expect

FIFA 22: Ultimate Team and the microtransactions you don't expect


The arrival of FIFA 22 in stores also brought the first FUT-themed DLCs, or the Ultimate Team mode, which has always been a real point of reference for the Electronic Arts franchise. If it was legitimate to expect paid content, it was definitely a surprise to discover that one of the first microtransactions of the football simulator is actually linked to Japanese culture.

FIFA 22_20211002150127 No historical or religious-inspired cosmetics, no. The first FIFA 22 DLC for Ultimate Team mode does come from Japan but it is an anime themed cosmetic set. Yes, you got it right: for the first time ever in a football simulator there are objects that can be purchased for a fee strongly inspired by the animation of the Rising Sun. A decidedly unusual color note regarding a sports game and that many would probably see better on very different games, such as Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends.

In detail, the package is called Mirai and focuses on two protagonists: Mirai himself, an engineer pilot and an ancient mecha, Kako. The additional content is available individually or in a single package, costing just over 12 Euros and includes the following items:

Two banners Fans Mecha Stadium Shield Team play and away kit Trophy VIP Area One such bundle has obviously not gone unnoticed and so on Reddit the reports from users have multiplied. For many Electronic Arts was really wrong to introduce such a cosmetic DLC in FIFA 22 but obviously these are the judgments of some and it will be difficult to get a complete picture of how many have enjoyed (and bought) this special package. However, the bundle will not remain on the in-game store for long: its presence is in fact "timed", even if EA Sports did not want to declare until it is available for purchase.

The best version of FIFA 22 is available on next gen consoles: you can buy Xbox Series S HERE.

‘FIFA 22’ fans annoyed they’ve followed instructions on pre-order perks

FIFA 22 fans are annoyed that they’ve followed the instructions on their pre-order perks, because those that haven’t will now receive an extra, rare player card.

Pre-ordering FIFA 22 will have earned players a One To Watch card. This Ultimate Team-focused bonus involves special versions of players who made high-profile summer transfers.

If those players do well in the real world at their new club, their card will get upgraded stats in-game.

EA released these OTW pre-order player packs with a warning not to open them until FIFA 22’s global release date (October 1) but many players still did and received a regular gold card instead of the anticipated OTW card.

Now, EA has admitted that it was a mistake and has prevented OTW pre-order packs from being opened while it investigates. “OTW pre-Order player packs were unintentionally released prior to OTW player items being in FIFA 22,” EA said on Twitter.

“OTW pre-order packs currently can’t be opened while we investigate the issue. Players who opened their pack prior to OTW release will receive a new OTW pack in the coming days.”

However, this will leave the players who followed the rules with one less card.

“Lmaoo so those of us who can read now get 1 less free player than the people who couldn’t follow instructions, niceeee,” tweeted G2Amenyah

“Absolute piss take,” added @BrodiemanGrant

In other news, after some confusion around the reward for an event challenge in Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has dished out a free Showdown pack for all players who log in this week.

Confusion arose from the ‘new sheriff in town’ challenge, which asked players to get ten kills in the Showdown mode. The reward for this task looked identical to a Showdown pack. However, it turns out that it’s actually a Showdown pack-themed weapon charm.