Did HP unveil the Ryzen 7000? Maybe not

Did HP unveil the Ryzen 7000? Maybe not

The well-known leaker @momomo_us has published a message on Twitter in which there is a screenshot taken from the HP website, where it is possible to see the next arrival of all-in one desktops equipped with 12th generation Intel Core i7 processors (codenamed Alder Lake ) and most importantly, AMD's Ryzen 7000 series. This last feature caught our attention, as this is the first time a product has been advertised with future AMD home processors. In addition to this, the systems in question will be equipped with PCIe SSDs up to 1TB and 2TB of HDD, will present a pop-up webcam, stereo speaker and a Full HD display with thin bezels on three sides. Given that the Zen 4 chips (codenamed Raphael) are only expected to debut in a year (quite a distant time), it is more likely that the processors used in these HP models could be Rambrandt APUs, basically Zen3 +.

12 Gen Intel & AMD Ryzen 7000

🤔 pic.twitter.com/1NcpMMOT2f

- 188 号 (@momomo_us) October 9, 2021

However, it could just be a simple mistake. In fact, it seems rather odd that AMD chooses to skip the 6000 series by switching directly to the 7000. Furthermore, CPUs from Ryzen 5 to Ryzen 9 are mentioned on other HP product pages, so it should not be ruled out that someone mistakenly spelled Ryzen 7000 instead of Ryzen 7. Another clue concerning an alleged mistake concerns the wording "SSE" instead of "SSD", which suggests that there has been no control over the data entered.

For the moment, obviously, no we just have to take this information with a bit of distrust. Although in the past the pages of various sites have already leaked details about some products coming soon, in this case, given the presence of another clear error, it could have simply been a mistake.