Deathloop, the trailer with the press awards reaffirms its qualities

Deathloop, the trailer with the press awards reaffirms its qualities


Deathloop was greeted with great enthusiasm by the press, as confirmed by the trailer released by Sony which reports some of the awards received by the Arkane Studios game.

The first quote comes from our review of Deathloop, in which Tommaso Valentini underlined the freshness and the varied qualities of a unique experience of its kind, therefore deserving of an excellent evaluation.

In general, Deathloop's votes were exciting, and the hope is that also in terms In sales, the game for PC and PS5 has done well, waiting for the inevitable debut on Xbox Game Pass over the course of next year.

In Deathloop we take on the role of Colt, a professional hitman who finds himself trapped on of a mysterious island and in a time loop that causes the same day to repeat itself over and over again, while a crafty killer tries to kill him.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

The 10 groundbreaking immersive sims that paved the way for Deathloop

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The immersive sim might be the most ambitious concept a room of developers has ever drawn out, nodded at, and subsequently convinced a room of publishers to bankroll. It’s a maximalist genre of multiple pathways, multiple combat approaches, multiple puzzle solutions, and in accordance with a bizarre tradition, keypads whose codes are almost certainly 0451. If an immersive sim is upholding the genre tenets properly, you play through it without seeing the vast majority of what’s on offer. 

That makes Deathloop a particularly clever spin. Since you’re repeating the titular timeloop, you’re exploring the world over and over, learning every neck-breaking nook and creepy cranny. But in order to appreciate just how cute Arkane has been about its latest immersive sim’s design, we must journey back. Back, through the mists of time. In the paragraph just below this one. Are you ready?

Good, because we just took you back to the dawn of the 1990s. Computers are still big scary grey boxes, 4kb is considered a big file, and absolutely no one in the world has heard of Adam Jensen. However, a producer named Warren Spector is dreaming about a first-person game that plays like the D&D games he used to enjoy, and a designer called Paul Neurath thinks he can make that game.


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