A new driving experience thanks to Porsche 3D seats

A new driving experience thanks to Porsche 3D seats

As well explained by professional Porsche test driver Lars Kern, ergonomically tailored driver seats are nothing new in the world of motorsport. The real novelty is the arrival of this type of customization in the vehicles we use in everyday life.

After a careful test phase on the road using a small and selected number of customers, Porsche has decided to launch on the market a new series of bucket seats, made using 3D printing, which reflect some of the ergonomic and physical needs of the driver himself. At the current state of affairs, this new seat will be available for vehicles sold in the Boxster, Cayman and 911 series, at the request of the purchaser.

The new seat model appears as an additional component of the “Performance Parts ”of Porsche Tequipment (which will require a surcharge at the time of the purchase configuration) and has already received considerable appreciation, as highlighted by Lars Kern in an interview during the launch day.

“ The seats adapted to individual drivers have long been available in professional motorsport. Porsche now also offers road-approved personalization with varying degrees of stiffness as standard. During the first test drives, I was impressed by the ergonomics: the slightly lower seat position and improved thigh support are similar to those obtained from a racing car seat. Passive ventilation is also impressive ”.

In addition to having an attractive design, this new 3D printed seat allows you to choose, on the basis of your physicality and some other personal physical components, 3 different degrees of backrest rigidity, an apparently insignificant factor, but which gives a feeling of greater stability and control of the driving position, together with an improved thigh support. The new seat will be available in the online configurator as early as January 2022, with the possibility of retroactive installation for all models of Boxster, Cayman and 911 already in circulation.