XPG launches DDR4 memory module optimized for Asus ROG motherboards

XPG launches DDR4 memory module optimized for Asus ROG motherboards

XPG has launched the new ROG-CERTIFIED DDR4 SPECTRIX D50 RGB memory module. Republic of Gamers (ROG) certified DDR4 RGB memory module is specifically developed to work with ROG motherboards and deliver uncompromising in-game performance. In addition, it supports Intel XMP for easy overclocking as well as having the inevitable RGB lighting.

The ROG-CERTIFIED SPECTRIX D50 has passed stringent ROG overclocking and compatibility tests, ensuring optimal performance with ROG motherboards that support Intel processors. This means that ROG users can enjoy excellent performance up to 3600 MHz and a 5% clock boost without worrying about compatibility.

Photo credits: XPG The SPECTRIX D50 ROG-CERTIFIED is also compatible with cards. mothers that support Intel XMP 2.0 for simple overclocking without the need to enter the BIOS. To coexist with ROG systems, the ROG-CERTIFIED SPECTRIX D50 also offers programmable RGB lighting that can be easily controlled via the ROG AURA SYNC app.

The module is made with high quality chips, for guarantee reliability and maximum performance. The new SPECTRIX D50 ROG-CERTIFIED also comes with a lifetime warranty. DDR4 memory will be available in a 2x8GB dual channel kit.

XPG also recently presented the new DDR5 memory modules during the online event "Xtreme Innovation". The new generation modules will reach speeds of up to 12,600 MT / s for ever smoother gaming sessions and increased productivity. XPG said that double the capacities - 32GB - compared to DDR4 and voltages between 1.1V and 1.6V can be expected from these modules. These modules will be available for purchase by the end of the year.

In the past XPG had also shown two DDR5 modules, one RGB and one non-illuminated, with a nominal speed of 7400Mbps and capacities up to 32GB. Previously, the company also confirmed the arrival of modules with a speed of 8400 Mbps and with capacities up to 64 GB.