Redfall, other details come from the leak on the new Arkane game

Redfall, other details come from the leak on the new Arkane game


Redfall has been the protagonist of a significant leak in these hours, which has led to the emergence of some first images online and also various details on the new game Arkane, which is still in the alpha phase, so things are all to be confirmed and could vary significantly.

Together with the first images from the alpha version, this new information also arrives, although the reliability of the leak is to be confirmed, so take it with caution. Redfall reportedly appears to have elements similar to Borderlands in terms of gameplay style and loops, with a large "seamless" open world, playable in single player or cooperative multiplayer.

There are 6 characters to choose from, each characterized by their own particular characteristics and abilities, which lead to different fighting styles and approaches to the game, ranging from stealth to the most classic action shooter.

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Characters advance with the collection of experience points that are obtained by eliminating enemies and taking part in missions, which include main and secondary quests within the map. There are also boss fights, also similar to those of Borderlands, it seems.

The map looks very large indeed, comparable to that of "Fallout 76 or Ghost of Tsushima" reportedly, despite these being of different sizes. In the equipment there are gadgets and weapons of various types ranging from more traditional things to other particularly bizarre ones.

Enemies are a rather varied mix of humans and vampires capable of using ranged or melee attacks. , also there are NPCs but not AI-controlled partners as in Left 4 Dead, so either the cooperative can only be done with other human players.

The style recalls a "modern gothic", in the sense of the mixture of vampires within a modern or contemporary setting, the map is made up of a single explorable world that contains various types of quests, random encounters with enemies, safe places to rest and more.

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‘Redfall’ gameplay leaked through early development images

Gameplay and menu screens for Arkane Studios upcoming co-op vampire slaying adventure Redfall have leaked online.

The Microsoft and Xbox exclusive title had playtest images posted to Reddit that were later deleted (as spotted by VGC) which were then shared across social media. Some screenshots show that the game is still a work-in-progress, but there are images of first-person gameplay alongside some menu and stat-based screens.

You can see some of the leaked screenshots below.

Redfall is currently set to release in Summer 2022, with it coming exclusively to Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. The title will also be on Xbox Game Pass as a day one title. It will feature a four-player co-op where players will face off against vampires and human cultists in the small town of Redfall, Massachusetts.

Co-creative director Ricardo Bare also went into how Redfall will continue the Arkane tradition of each of its games feeling similar, and yet wildly different. “Prey leveraged tons of physics-related gameplay. Mooncrash introduced roguelike elements. Despite those differences, in every case, our focus remains on deep world-building and inventive game mechanics. The same will be true of Redfall,” Bare said.

The official Redfall website also has some information about each of the four playable characters, the setting and more. The game will be an open-world title that “brings the studio’s signature gameplay to the co-operative action and FPS genres.”

In other news, the developers of the Dead Space remake have provided a small update on the game, saying we won’t be seeing more until next year as the team is “heads down” on the title.

This isn’t a huge surprise as the team just recently showcased some footage of both the Ishimura and gameplay in its very early stages.