PS Plus: Speculation about the "free" games for October, fans have "hot candidates"

PS Plus: Speculation about the free games for October, fans have hot candidates

PS Plus

Players still have to be patient until Sony presents the list of "free" PS Plus games for October 2021. If the publisher does not change the known scheme, the upcoming inclusive games for PS4 and PS5 will be announced on September 29th. Almost a week later, on October 5th, the games will finally be available for download from the PlayStation Store. There are already the first rumors about the possible games that members could receive in October. The PS5 version of Hell Let Loose is one of the hottest candidates among fans.

The console version of the first-person shooter, which has been available for PC since June 2019, is planned for October 5th. The timing would fit: Hell Let Loose will appear right at the launch of the new PS Plus games for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. As early as the PS Plus release of Destruction AllStars, Sony announced that it would continue to offer more Tag 1 publications via PS Plus. In addition, fans interpret the current beta of Hell Let Lose as a further indication that the first-person shooter could be in the October lineup of PlayStation Plus. The test phase is currently running exclusively on PS5 and not on Xbox - fans suspect that this could be a kind of exclusive deal with Sony.

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Sony unveiled the three "free" titles for PlayStation Plus members in September. Go on the hunt as a cooking assassin! var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1379904,1379082,1378888,1378838'; We will probably find out next Wednesday if the rumors are true, when Sony will present the inclusive games on PS Plus for October 2021. By the way, Alan Wake would also be conceivable: The recently announced remastered will be released on October 5th for PC and consoles - and for the first time for PlayStation. By the way, until the release of the October games you will still get access to the titles that Sony distributed via PS Plus in September: Hitman 2, Overcooked: All You Can Eat and Predator: Hunting Grounds. To get access, you need an active PS Plus membership. The annual subscription costs around 60 euros.

PlayStation Plus Free Game For October 2021 Leaks Online

  • Sony hasn't yet revealed lineup of the free Playstation Plus games for October
  • Fans think the company accidentally leaked one of the free PS Plus games
  • Sony hasn't responded to the speculation as of now
  • There is no official word on the free PlayStation Plus games lineup for Oct. 2021 yet, but some fans believe one of the games may have been leaked online before Sony's official announcement.

    PlayStation Plus usually reveals its list of free games for the upcoming month toward the end of the current month. However, some PS Plus subscribers think the online subscription may have inadvertently leaked 'Hell Let Loose' as a free game next month.

    The idea started on Reddit when a user, who goes by the name bluebelt2023, shared an image of the game's 'coming soon' page on the PlayStation Store. They also pointed out that the game is already open for pre-orders for Xbox consoles. 

    The March lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers include Remnant and Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    The March lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers include Remnant and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Photo: PS Blog

    Moreover, the Reddit user underlined that the game's closed and open beta is only available for PS5, not the Xbox gaming console. It is also worth noting that 'Hell Let Loose' is scheduled to release on Oct. 5, a date when the list of free PS Plus games for the month goes live.

    The online subscription has, in the past, offered subscribers free games on the day of their release, so it is not a significant leap for fans to think the claim could be true. While this may sound odd for a game to have this set up on gaming platforms, it does not mean that it is a substantial indication that it would be a free PlayStation Plus game for October.

    For those not familiar with the title, it is a hard-core World War Two first-person shooter featuring multiplayer, strategy and simulation elements. It was released on PC in July 2021 and has been confirmed to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

    As for its gameplay, it features 50 vs 50 multiplayer matches with tactical action. The team wins if it is able to control the majority or all of the territories when the timer runs out.

    At the time of this publication, Neither Sony nor Black Matter has commented on the speculation. In the absence of an official confirmation, fans are advised to take this latest claim about the PlayStation Plus free game for October as highly speculative.