Microsoft Flight Simulator: Mod brings Mario Kart into the game

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Mod brings Mario Kart into the game

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Actually, the flight simulation Microsoft Flight Simulator and the fun racer Mario Kart don't really have anything to do with each other. In principle, these games address two completely different target groups. But that didn't stop the modder "Illogicoma" from merging the two worlds anyway.

He has made it his business to convert several racing tracks from Mario Kart 8 to Microsoft Flight Simulator (buy now 69.99 €) - in the form of a mod. For example, it is possible to jet over "Moo Moo Meadows" and other routes known from the popular Fun Racer with an airplane. It is not possible to run real races including the crazy power ups (someone said "red tank"). Nevertheless, this extraordinary fusion should make many fan hearts beat faster. The modder has also published a suitable video in which you can see some of the Mario Kart racetracks in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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However, the whole thing has a small but decisive catch: So far, "Illogicoma" has not published the mod, so it is not (yet) available for you to download at the moment. He also did not reveal whether this will happen in the foreseeable future or whether he intends to use his work exclusively for private enjoyment. But if the popularity and demand are high enough, sooner or later he will no longer be able to avoid a release. Would you like to use this mod? What do you think of the unusual merger? Let us know in the comments!

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For a game that’s been around a long time, Microsoft Flight Simulator sure does see a lot of excitement! Those on the edge of their pilot’s seat in anticipation of its new racing expansion, Reno Air Races, now have something new to enjoy. Creator Illogicoma – The Vods has the perfect creation, which we first saw on IGN. Using a set of mods, Illogicoma was able to take tracks from Mario Kart 8 and insert them into Microsoft Flight Simulator.

While the courses aren’t playable as they would in Mario Kart proper, Illogicoma manages to recreate the experience of the game. The courses also have rings that can be flown through with a plane. It really is a wonderfully immersive experience to see the familiar tracks emerge from the clouds. The Mario Kart portion of the video begins at the time stamp, 3:26:32.

The mods required to do this at home are not yet available. Illogicoma shares a bit more about how they built the mash-up in a tweet. They also share:

Regarding the mod, and whether or not it will get a release: It’s tentative. I really wouldn’t be happy releasing it in the current state (it wasn’t actually built as a proper package – we loaded from source) and I don’t have masses of time to spend on it, but I would like to see about making this a bit more polished and maybe adding some more tracks. Never say never, but don’t expect a big drop anytime soon.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart mashup a blue plane flying through moo moo meadows

Illogicoma – The Vods

But what you can expect is to be thoroughly entertained watching planes traverse Mario Kart terrain. Tracks shown in the video include Mount Wario, Shy Guy Falls, Moo Moo Meadows, Rainbow Road, Cloudtop Cruise, Mute City, and Bowser’s Castle. The streamers even provide the appropriate music for each location. For those of us who always fall of the edge of Rainbow Road, this is one satisfying video.

Though the plane doesn’t exactly move at top speed, for now, we’re already imagining the post-expansion possibilities. Once racing is an actual feature of Microsoft Flight Simulator maybe we can actually have full-on Mario Kart plane races!

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