Life Is Strange True Colors: Twitch chat will play an important role

Life Is Strange True Colors: Twitch chat will play an important role

Life Is Strange True Colors

Square Enix has just announced that a Twitch plugin called “Crowd Choice” is planned for Life Is Strange True Colors, which as the name suggests will play an important role with viewers of the game's streams on the Amazon platform. >
The feature would allow streamers to run polls on Twitch so viewers can decide what choices the Life Is Strange True Colors star will make in gameplay. The centrality of streaming within the mechanics of the game is only a confirmation of the great influence that this type of entertainment is having in the video game market, where now it is the developers themselves who implement integrations with streaming platforms to encourage live gaming. .

The Crowd Choice plug-in is already available at this address. To activate it, simply connect your Square Enix Memebers account to a supported game, such as Life Is Strange True Colors. Once you have started streaming the game, you will be able to activate Crowd Choice mode from the Live Stream menu in the game settings. The plug-in can be activated in Full Democracy mode, where the majority of votes will automatically affect the game, or in Suggestion mode, where spectators will only give a suggestion to the player, who will make the final decision. From the description of the plug-in we also understand that this functionality will also be integrated into other Square Enix games.

In Life Is Strange True Colors, players will play as Alex Chen, a girl with the ability to perceive, absorb and manipulate the emotions of others, visualized as splashes of color in play. The player to advance in the plot will have to learn to govern this power. The game will officially release on September 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia, while the release on Nintendo Switch is expected later, by the end of 2021. Square Enix meanwhile will be present at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 at the end of September with a long live event.

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Life is Strange: True Colors announces Twitch crowd choice

Square Enix has announced Twitch crowd choice for Life is Strange: True Colors.  Let your viewers vote on every major choice in the game, live. Choose whether to view their Suggestions before you make your decisions, or offer up Full Democracy and put your viewers in control of the story with the Crowd Choice Extension for Twitch, debuting with Life is Strange: True Colors.

Crowd Choice gets viewers more deeply involved in your game, allowing them to vote on nail-biting decisions and crucial choices.  This can all happen live, as the game is played. All your viewers need to do is activate the extension and go.  It’s quick and simple for Twitch Broadcasters, too: connect your Square Enix Members account to a supported game, start streaming, and turn on Crowd Choice mode from the ‘Live Stream’ menu in the game’s Settings.

Crowd Choice

Gamers will have two ways to check the wisdom of the crowd, with the broadcaster under full control of the options and poll timing.  Choose from:

  • Full Democracy.  The wisdom of the crowd automatically decides all major choices.
  • Suggestion.  You can take the pulse of your viewers, before agreeing with them or deciding to do something completely different.
  • Crowd Choice offers a great opportunity to replay narrative games like Life is Strange: True Colors in a fresh and unpredictable way.  Activate the Square Enix Crowd Choice extension to get involved with a broadcaster’s game. Vote live on the in-game choices.  Influence every major decision, help shape the narrative, and make your mark on the story.

    Life is Strange: True Colors releases at 9am PT / 5pm BST / 6pm CET on September 9 / 2am AEST on September 10.  The game will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC Steam, GeForce NOW, and Google Stadia.  It is also coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.