Fortnite: new UFO-themed event? Image reveals the date

Fortnite: new UFO-themed event? Image reveals the date


Fortnite fans always have something to discover thanks to all the efforts of Epic Games in proposing a series of new unpublished content at a constant pace. Only a few days have passed since the last substantial update for the battle royale, and apparently we are about to discover an important news that is about to arrive on the game island. We are talking about an event that has been chatting for some time in the community, and which in these hours has returned to the protagonist with an image and a launch date.

To anticipate the next novelty arriving in the successful title was ShiinaBR, the usual dataminer who is always very active and close to everything that happens around the universe of Fortnite. The image that is making the rounds of the network would represent what could be the next big event of the Epic Games title. Operation Sky Fire, this is the name of the event, presents itself with a rather cryptic image, but which seems to presage a fundamental role of UFOs.

As the dataminer himself points out, who trusts that he has received this image from a user through a private message, if everything is officially confirmed, let's expect the new Fortnite event to come to life on September 12th. There will not be long to wait, therefore, given that the main event of this image seems to be more than imminent. In the meantime, we hope to receive some confirmation and more details directly from Epic.

The Mothership's sights are set on the IO's base. Slone has a plan to end the Invasion for good. Are you ready?

Prepare for the live event, Operation: Sky Fire on Sep 12 at 4 PM ET.


❤️ this post to be reminded when the Event is live

- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 3, 2021

Even Shiina himself is keen not to 100% confirm the event, so we ask you to take everything with a grain of salt and wait for Epic Games to officially declare possible information on this next event . It must be said, however, that the care that can be found in the details of this screen seems to presage that everything will be confirmed very soon.

Update at 16:00

With an official post, Epic Games not only confirmed all the information anticipated by the dataminer in the past few hours, but the time when this new Fortnite event will start is also added. Opration Sky Fire will start on Friday 12 September at 22:00, Italian time.

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‘Fortnite’ Reveals Date And Time For Season 7 Ending Live Event, Operation: Sky Fire



We are about to blow up the aliens. Or make a peace treaty with them? Unclear. Regardless, Fortnite season 7’s alien invasion is about to come to an end, and the game is once again going back to doing a season-ending live event, which used to be commonplace, but we have not seen in some time.

It’s called Operation: Sky Fire, and it will take place on Sunday, September 12 at 4 PM ET, with the playlist opening 30 minutes early so you don’t miss it.

In the event, we will “Join a strike team and sneak aboard the Mothership to deliver IO’s final message to the invading Aliens.”

Fortnite seems to be going in a different direction with this live event, pitching it as a “mission” that you can take on with up to 16 friends, implying that this may be a more condensed experience than the sort of giant, world events we’ve seen in the past like the rocket launch or robot/monster fights. We don’t know if all of it will take place on the Mothership, but I mean “Operation: Sky Fire” does imply that we are there to blow the thing up from the inside, Independence Day style. And we even have a Will Smith skin now! From….Bad Boys.

Regardless, Fortnite’s live events are never things you want to miss, whether they are in-game story things or live concerts. But unlike concerts, this is something that’s only going to happen once at one point in time, and if you miss it live, that’s it, presumably.

Where this goes from here is unclear. If we do blow up the mothership, which is roughly the size of the entire island itself, it stands to reason that it would…crash down to the island and the “new map” could be an alien debris-covered space. But who knows, maybe we just atomize it instead, and then move on to an entirely new theme next season. Though a giant ship crashing to the island could be an extinction level event, and one commonly theorized theme Fortnite hasn’t done in full yet is the post-apocalypse…

So, this is where and when you want to tune in, and it’s on a Sunday so you shouldn’t miss work or school. Then season 8 will kick off, and we can see where things stand.

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