FIFA 22: Start at EA Play & Launch the web app today - time of activation

FIFA 22: Start at EA Play & Launch the web app today - time of activation


Players are looking forward to the activation of FIFA 22 on EA Play: The launch will take place today, Wednesday. A specific time for the start is not yet available - at least Electronic Arts has not officially given an exact launch time. However: An employee of the EA Help customer contact point said on Twitter that the early access version will be launched at 7 p.m. At the same time, the FUT 22 web app should go live, with which players can manage their Ultimate Team on the PC. As usual in previous years, this time too there should be individual login bonuses, additional packs for long-time players and other items as a reward.

With FIFA 22 at EA Play, you will get the opportunity to play the new football simulation before it is released testing. Members of a basic subscription can play a ten-hour trial that includes all of the content of the full version. You can then transfer the progress you have made in this to the retail version. The monthly subscription costs 99 cents on consoles and 3.99 euros on a PC. Xbox players with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription get EA Play included - and with it the FIFA 22 trial version (buy now € 59.99 / € 53.99).

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FIFA 22: FUT 22 web app before release - Ultimate Team tool starts with EA Play-Trial

The FUT 22 web app is available before the start: The Ultimate Team tool will be available from September 22nd - along with the EA Play Trial. 0

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FIFA 22: Activation of the Early Access Trial shortly - this is how you play before the release

There will be no demo for FIFA 22 either: Electronic Arts has the test game canceled again. You can play in advance via EA Play. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1380062,1379972,1378677,1379924'; There is also an EA Play Pro subscription on PC, which gives you access to the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition from today - to an unlimited extent and with no playing time limit. The activation should also take place at 7 p.m. If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition on console, you will start the new football season a few days before the official release. The new EA kicker will appear regularly on October 1st. There will be no free FIFA 22 demo: EA has canceled the test game again this year.

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'FIFA 22' Web App: When Will the 'Ultimate Team' Companion App Launch?

a man holding a football ball: Image shows gameplay from "FIFA 22". © EA Games Image shows gameplay from 'FIFA 22'.

Although FIFA 22's official release date is still over a week away, the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app will be available shortly.

When Does the 'FIFA 22' Companion Web App Come Out?

The application is synchronized with the FUT mode, allowing you to manage your squad, buy and sell players in the transfer market, open packs, and generally prepare for online matches. You can do all of this on from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

While the web app's functionality will continue to be available throughout the rest of the year, it is particularly useful in the lead up to FIFA 22's release. After all, it gives you the opportunity to make a head start with the newest version of FUT mode before everybody else.

At the time of writing, the web app is currently down for maintenance, but once it returns it will be fully integrated with FIFA 22. According to the EA website, this can be expected to occur sometime today (Wednesday, September 22). There is no confirmed time as of yet.

The separate mobile companion app for FIFA 22's Ultimate Team mode will then launch on Thursday, September 23.

How To Play 'FIFA 22' Early

After a closed beta experience in August, the latest instalment of the popular FIFA sports franchise will launch worldwide on Friday, October 1.

However, if you are an EA Play member (on either Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or PC), then you will be eligible to start an early access trial of FIFA 22 from Wednesday, September 22.

Beginning at 1 p.m. ET, and lasting for 10 hours, you will be able to carry over any progress that you make in this preview to the full game upon release. This will be especially valuable for those who want to get a head start in the FUT trading card mode.

What Is an EA Play Subscription?

EA Play is comparable to Xbox Game Pass. In a nutshell, it is a subscription service (payable in monthly or annual instalments) that grants you access to a number of titles published by Electronic Arts. For instance, you can currently find the likes of Knockout City, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Titanfall 2 and The Sims 4 on the platform.

In addition to hosting this library of games, EA Play will also give customers exclusive discounts on releases that have yet to be added to the service, as well as on downloadable content purchases.

As is the case with FIFA 22, another benefit of being an EA Play member is that you will often get early access to new titles. For instance, subscribers will be able to preview the upcoming NHL 22 a full week early on October 7.

A standard subscription costs $4.99 a month or $29.99 for a full year. Alternatively, if you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, then you will be eligible for EA Play as one of your perks.

There is another tier for the subscriptions service, known as EA Play Pro, which unlocks extra content, deluxe versions of certain games and sometimes even unrestricted early access periods (lasting more than just 10 hours). This premium version costs $14.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

Early Access for 'FIFA 22' Ultimate Edition Customers

Those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 can download the full game from Monday, September 27. This period will not have the 10-hour restriction and you will be able to play for as long as you like.

However, if Ultimate Edition customers want to participate in the early access preview (from September 22), then they will still need an EA Play subscription.

For context, the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition comes with the following extras.

  • Up to 4 days early access (playable from September 27)
  • A FIFA Ultimate Team 'Ones to Watch' item
  • A FIFA Ultimate Team 'Team of the Week' item
  • 4,600 FIFA points
  • Kylian Mbappe loan item (Useable in 5 FIFA Ultimate Team matches)
  • A FIFA Ultimate Team ambassador loan player (Choose from Alaba, Foden or Son for 3 matches)
  • Career Mode Homegrown Talent
  • FIFA 22 will officially launch on Friday, October 1 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Meanwhile, the new FUT web app is available from September 22.

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